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  1. NBell's post in Footpedal/Stomp/Controller for JTV Variax was marked as the answer   
    Hi Jeremystern, 
    We have several processors with a Varaix input where you can change presets with different guitars and/or tunings. 
    Such as: HELIX Family, POD HD, Firehawk FX, Firehawk 1500, and Vetta II. 
  2. NBell's post in Is the FBV 3 compatible with Amplifi 30 was marked as the answer   
    Yes, it is 100% compatible. 
    BUT the only difference is that the Foot-switches for the effects will ignite red instead of their color (like when used with the Firehawk 1500). Otherwise all functionality is identical. 
  3. NBell's post in G30 spare parts was marked as the answer   
    Hi deployer,
    The correct part number for the G30 chassis which is the shell and the battery door is 97-000-0023.
  4. NBell's post in How do I change banks using the FBV Express MKII was marked as the answer   
    Hey Muzikmark, 
    I don't believe this option is possible with the Express MKII. Which is why we always recommend the shortboard due to its ability. But FBV express has a software entitled: LINE 6 FBV Control that gives a user the option to change midi commands for the use with daws like Garageband, Propellarhead ect.. It may not work, but if you want to dive in deeper for the fun of it, it wouldn't hurt. Check out page 6 for some cool intel on everything you can actually do with an Express MKII
  5. NBell's post in Amplifi 150 and a drum machine was marked as the answer   
    Hey Boadey, congrats on your Xmas gift!

    In regards to your drum machine: The Alesis SR18 has an output labeled "Aux L/R". This out will give you a full stereo output of your drum machine. Get a 1/4 to 3.5mm cable and run that output in the the back on Amplifis AUX input. The Auxiliary input is a line in and not ran through any effects.
    Plug your guitar in the normal guitar input.

    The FBV is a great addition. Make sure to update to the latest Firmware. The FBV will give you complete control of individual effects, and the ability to switch between the 100 on board presets. The new firmware also supports recording into any DAW via AMPLIFi's USB out.

    Merry Christmas!
  6. NBell's post in POD HD 500X Headphones was marked as the answer   
    Hey there,
    There are a few options. You can always purchase a splitter that would plug into the headphone out that can have a few headphone inputs, like when more than one person wants to listen to the same iPod (check out the Belkin Rockstar 5). 
    The other option is the use of the headphone jack, and the unbalanced left and right outs. Keeping in mind that the listener would only be getting either the left or the right side (if your not doing anything in stereo there shouldn't to much of a difference). With that being said that gives you 3 outs. You could try the FX loop send, but you may not get much volume that way. 
    Those are the options I see. I highly recommend my first. 
    Cheers!  :D
  7. NBell's post in Affect of low power mode when L6 Link used? was marked as the answer   
    Hey Palico,
    When ever "Low volume mode" is engaged the DT will quiet down majorly even with L6 link being used, this is a setting thats great to get the full sound you want in a situation where you dont want to wake up the neighbors at 11pm. :D
    Follow me on Twitter!: @Line6NBell
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