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Footpedal/Stomp/Controller for JTV Variax

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I have a JTV-69 that would like to be able to control (change models/programs) with a footswitch similar to the POD HD X with the Variax input. Does Line6 make anything simple, like the M5, that would allow the Variax to plug into it and have program changes with the footswitch?





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Hi Jeremystern, 


We have several processors with a Varaix input where you can change presets with different guitars and/or tunings. 


Such as: HELIX Family, POD HD, Firehawk FX, Firehawk 1500, and Vetta II. 

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So if you want to buy a Variax and use it on, say, a Kemper because you want amp modelling, you're stuck doing changes manually on the guitar?

Would it be an idea for Line 6 to make a unit that took midi and Variax cable in, and audio out? So that the Variax can still be controlled? On the fence about the Variax, but I need to be able to control it, and unfortunately the Helix wasn't for me.

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