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  1. Just want to say that Mark at Mark Wright Music has been very helpful to me for my problems in down in deepest Surrey. Top bloke and thanks to Psarkissian for mentioning him.
  2. Probably a secondhand POD HD 5000 nowadays. Added bonus, no need for a battery in the Variax and you get a cool processor too.
  3. Thanks. Now I know you’re in the UK I’ll can check what monetpybis in the bank account without worrying about transAtlantic postage charges. I’ll be in touch...
  4. First up: I love my JTV59. Sounds great and plays like a dream. With that out of the way I only have one real gripe. If I'm playing say the Lester modelled guitar and then go to the mags the volume leaps up. I have lowered the mags to 4.5mm from the strings on the Birdge pick up and 7mm on the neck pickup when fretted at the 12th. I'd prefer the tone of the pickups nearer the strings but the volume jump then is way too much. Am I doing anything wrong or is this a feature (NOT a bug)? Workbench show the global string volumes as high as they will go. As said I love the guitar but I'm going to have to invest in a volume pedal until I get a Helix. Still think I'd rather have the volume and tone controls above the Variax controls, but that is the nature of the beast. And will probably drive me to look for a JTV69S at some point :-) .
  5. I had my JTV59 on a stand with the USB lead plugged in to my Mac so I could upload a few banks to it. I needed a jack plug in the socket to turn on the power. Rather than walk across the room to a cabinet full of leads and crap I grabbed a Shure headphone 3.5mm to quarter inch adapter and plugged it in. On came the power as expected and all went smoothly until I tried to remove it whereupon the thing fell apart leaving the tip and ring deep inside the socket. Luckily after much digging around I found a suitable pair of long nosed pliers capable of grabbing the plastic parts of the insulation between the tip and the ring and was able to get it all out. The adapter is obviously not designed to handle the tension of the jack spring in an instrument socket. The only connection between the different sections seems to be just a sort of metal prong carrying the signal. It would have been a bit embarrassing taking that problem to a repair guy, or even worse damaging the output socket and having to open a service ticket with Line6 .
  6. Hi Newbie, check this video out. Floyd Roses can be a bit teicy to get you head around at first.
  7. Have you tried using Workbench HD to add a 100% mix of magnetics to the Variax sound and see if you can get volume that way? I don’t know where the blending occurs in the signal chain bu it might indicate if the problem is com8ng from the pick ups or the wiring elsewhere in the guitar...
  8. That’s some fine playing there mate. Very convincing.
  9. No, he’d sold it separately. Strange, but I got a discount so no problem.
  10. Custom from https://www.designacable.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=Variax
  11. Now that's an interesting thought, but I suspect they'd want to keep the product lines separate. Maybe a higher specced 'Standard' would be an idea but that would only clash with the JTV models that fill the next slot in the price spectrum.
  12. Thanks for the responses. The guitar is well inside warranty so I’ll start the process. As to the syringe and battery out questions: the syringe is to apply a few drops to just the right place. The battery out is because poking thin tubes of surgical steel around electrical components can have unintended consequences. Not that that ever happened to me. No, never. ;-(
  13. Hi folks my JTV59 is occasionally having problems with the pickup selector switch every now and then not switching on the bridge pick up. Operate it a couple of times and it's fine. I know there is a bit of a history of problems with this on JTV59s but BEFORE I raise a support ticket can I do any harm applying a little contact cleaner with a syringe (battery removed oviously.)? Under lockdown here in the UK and I'd rather not lose the guitar for a few weeks and have to sort out carriage to and from a service centre if I can avoid it.
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