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  1. Been having fun with JTV-HD500X-DT25-Stagesource rig but have shaken it up a bit. Currently running the JTV into a TC PlethoraX5 with a Strymon Sunset OD in the loop then one stereo out goes to the DT25 and the other goes into a Strymon Irridium and the to the Stagesource. The sound is huge. I just need to sort a midi switcher out.
  2. Sat down to measure my neck and saw that PierM had done the definitive job. Nice work mate. Love the feel of my JTV59. And tobacco sunburst rules.
  3. For anyone interested in changing the tuners on a JTV59 I used these: https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Schaller-M6-135-Locking-3L3R-Chrome/art-GIT0017999-000 They looked too low at first but of course there are no full winds on the string so they don't need to protrude so far. The result is a sharper break angle at the nut. I don't know what effect that will have on the system but it sounds no different to the old tuners, just feels a lot nicer and is easier to restring.
  4. Thoroughly loving the JTV59 I bought a couple of months back. I added a few bits and ended up with the Dream Rig. The only tweaks I physically made to the guitar are a set of locking Schallers with some sound tweaking in Workbench plus a lot of great sounds from arislaf. Since then I've been tweaking the system and am running into a TC Plethora with Strymon Irridium and Sunset pedals in the FX Loop, into a Ditto looper and then into a pair of Stagesource L2s. Works for me and by turning off the FX loop I get the an amped/cabinet sound of the acoustic models into the Stagesources. Sounds pretty good to me but needs a MIDI controller now to get it all to work together. Still use the DT25 a lot as well. We live in great times.
  5. It worked. Thanks. Just a matter of cutting and pasting and having the right stuff selected when opening a bank or model.
  6. Thanks. Now I know its possible I'll give it a try. John
  7. Well a week or so into Variax ownership I really am deep down the rabbit hole. What I am now having the problem with is keeping some patches but importing other guitars sounds from other users. How do I move models around in Workbench? Is there a video or manual I have missed because everything else seems pretty intuitive. I did a search but didn't see anyone else asking this. Thanks for any input. John
  8. After some of the other threads about the Dream Rig thank God for some positivity. I've only just got my Line6 stuff sorted and am loving it. The DT25 I bought last week was the final part of the jigsaw puzzle and today I hauled every thing down the garden to the old garage for a few hours of noise. :-)
  9. I just bought a DT25 and tried to update via the HD500X but couldn’t. I ended up using a Midisport 1x1 interface. Luckily I can also plug the interface into my iPad with a Lightning/USB adapter lead and then use TouchOSC and the Line6 supplied template to configure and tweak the amp where ever I am. The TouchOSC template is pretty comprehensive and makes things easy. Very weird tapping things on an iPad and seeing the lights on the DT25 shift as it changes channels, voicings and valve modes. I'm sure any cheap MIDI interface would work and the app is only £4.99. Worth it for the ease of use and the fact you can take it to a rehearsal room or even a gig.
  10. Noted and acted upon. As I said I now have two Line6 batteries plus the HD500X so I should be ok for power.
  11. Wow. I managed to find a new JTV59 on Reverb a couple of weeks back. I didn't know they were so hard to find... Maybe in retrospect I'd have worried and thought "is support going to vanish for this...?".
  12. Lockdown fever hit me hard when three days into the 5 weeks (so far) I realised I was a long way from my music gear. I searched around and found a shiny new JTV 59, a POD HD500X, a StageSource L2M and this afternoon my DT25 will arrive to complete the Dream Rig (yeah, I'm 8 years late to the party). All that was missing was a battery on the JTV. The dealer let me know it was missing and the price was lowered accordingly. After reading all the useful threads on here I ordered a Line6 battery from Thommen (and a week later a spare from Andertons) but I still wanted a couple more as they are a useful size for some LED camera lights I run. I searched the web for JTV Variax compatible batteries and bought two from different suppliers. One will simply not charge on the Variax charger and when charged elsewhere will not be recognised by the Variax. The other has charged happily from a third party charger AND the Variax recognises it. I'm using a third party charger as my Variax one just lights up with a constant red LED on power up without a battery so I have a new one on order. Both batteries are branded Cameron Sino. The one that works has the model number CS-AML710BL (part no 180-7100) It is rated at 2200mAh and is 16.28Wh just like the Line 6 battery, although the case is quite different in its detailing. The one that doesn't work in the Variax is Model No: CS-LNE100SL (Part no: BA12) It is rated at 2600mAh and 19.24Wh. I'll be keeping both as light/camera batteries and using on as a crisis spare but as far as possible using my approved batteries when every I'm not running the POD. The battery that did work came from batteryupgrade.co.uk. Thommen and Andertons.co.uk are currently ( May 1st, 2020) both showing Line6 batteries in stock. Obviously I can't guarantee the performance or safety of these batteries but the Variax seems happy to accept it. Sorry my first post is such a long waffling one. Lockdown.....
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