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  1. What is wrong to your ears with the existing acoustic and 12string sounds? I plug my JTV into a Stagesource and it sounds good enough to me for acoustic parts.
  2. From what I’ve seen the JTV US models are stock items. The variations seem to be in material quality like a solid top rather than a veneer. I’ve seen it said that the pickups are the same on the JTV59 but I don’t know for sure. I see the word custom used a lot but that refers to the build quality rather than the ability to spec the guitars as desired. I may however be very wrong. My JTV59 is excellent. I can’t image how much better the US version would be.
  3. Use Workbench HD and do a full reset of the software. Should bring back the default models.
  4. The Standard Trini Lopez is a very slightly reworked 335 but the pointy horned Deluxe is an archtop based on the Gibson Barney Kessell with different soundholes so you may get closer with the Jazzbox models both guitars therin have the long string gap to the tail piece that will give that slight extra 'ring' that features in the sound. Don't forget the Gretsch 6120 in the R-Billy category. Classic Gibson PAFs in both. Edit: he never really bothered with the standard model, that was Gibson trying to cash in on their signing with different price pointed guitars.
  5. No strings thinner than 10s and just enjoy the sounds. If you are using it with other Line6 gear that has an L6 link socket get a proper Variax guitar lead, the one supplied is only for using with the computer and Workbench HD. A second battery is a good investment. Swap them over at about 40% charge for a long life. Other than that just play and have fun. The trickier advice is only needed when you try to integrate it into you Line6 rig with a Helix or Pod HD and then it is only about understanding all the opportunities now available to you. I’ve had mine since May and love it. Don’t forget to use the magnetic pu sounds. The raw JTV59 sounds pretty good.
  6. It's no real help to you but I have no problem doing it on my JTV59 usingWorkbench HD v2.15.0
  7. The Dent and Scratch models may just have that designation of V2 as that could mean they have been display models in store.
  8. My 59 is a 2017 (bought new this May) and I don't think there has been anything new since that. I know at some point they changed the pickup selector switch but sadly you'll have to wait for psarkissian to swing by with his in depth knowledge of the model. He is here fairly frequently and always helps.
  9. I surrender in the face of expert knowledge. :-)
  10. The guitar works and the batteries work in the identical electronic in the USA JTV so I can only imagine it is a problem with the battery box in the Korean guitar. Did it ever work with the batteries? Have you tried carefully applying contact cleaner to the connector pins in the battery box?
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