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  1. Hi all. I'm currently playing with using my JTV59 and HD500X into my Soundsource and DT25 in a wet/dry set up. All connected via the L6 Link. The dry side is the DT25 and the wet side is the Soundsource. This means compressors, overdrives and FX loop before the split and all the other effects in side B after an appropriate amp. The mixer at the end is used to pan the two signal paths hard left and right into the two different physical amps. I'm having trouble (to my ears) with getting an amp model in the dry side that sounds as good as the DT25 does on its own. I've turned off cab sims and just used the pre amp versions of the amps but it seems to lack something. Any ideas on what I'm probably doing wrong? Should I just disable the amp model on the HD500 and just use its built in tones? I have the V2 software in there and have MIDI control of the assorted parameters. Thanks. John
  2. I love mine but blimey I want the guitar controls at the top and the Variax controls nearest the ground.
  3. It’s still there in the second post down.
  4. Well I checked but according to HD500 edit all the amps ARE Pentode. I did find a couple of errors at the bottom of the list, so here is a corrected copy: Amp models and their voicings Corrected.xlsx
  5. Just realised everything is Pentode, dunno what went wrong. I’ll update it when I get home. Doh!
  6. I've been using the DT Editor via TouchOSC on my IPad but couldn't remember what the standard settings are on the HD500X so I made an excel sheet. Hope someone finds it useful. Amp models and their voicings.xlsx
  7. I hadn’t seen that. Thanks, stored for future reference.
  8. I don't own an HX FX but a quick look at the manual seems to suggest it doesn't generate CC messages. You would need to control both the HX and the Irridium with an external MIDI device from what I can see. Edit: The Irridium is awesome BTW, I love mine.
  9. Been having fun with JTV-HD500X-DT25-Stagesource rig but have shaken it up a bit. Currently running the JTV into a TC PlethoraX5 with a Strymon Sunset OD in the loop then one stereo out goes to the DT25 and the other goes into a Strymon Irridium and the to the Stagesource. The sound is huge. I just need to sort a midi switcher out.
  10. Sat down to measure my neck and saw that PierM had done the definitive job. Nice work mate. Love the feel of my JTV59. And tobacco sunburst rules.
  11. For anyone interested in changing the tuners on a JTV59 I used these: https://www.dv247.com/en_GB/GBP/Schaller-M6-135-Locking-3L3R-Chrome/art-GIT0017999-000 They looked too low at first but of course there are no full winds on the string so they don't need to protrude so far. The result is a sharper break angle at the nut. I don't know what effect that will have on the system but it sounds no different to the old tuners, just feels a lot nicer and is easier to restring.
  12. Thoroughly loving the JTV59 I bought a couple of months back. I added a few bits and ended up with the Dream Rig. The only tweaks I physically made to the guitar are a set of locking Schallers with some sound tweaking in Workbench plus a lot of great sounds from arislaf. Since then I've been tweaking the system and am running into a TC Plethora with Strymon Irridium and Sunset pedals in the FX Loop, into a Ditto looper and then into a pair of Stagesource L2s. Works for me and by turning off the FX loop I get the an amped/cabinet sound of the acoustic models into the Stagesources. Sounds pretty good to me but needs a MIDI controller now to get it all to work together. Still use the DT25 a lot as well. We live in great times.
  13. It worked. Thanks. Just a matter of cutting and pasting and having the right stuff selected when opening a bank or model.
  14. Thanks. Now I know its possible I'll give it a try. John
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