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How do I change banks using the FBV Express MKII


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I've recently purchased the Amplifi 75.

I have upgraded to the latest firmware and have saved many tones on my iphone 6 app.


On the amp hardware the first bank is the 4 default presets.

I have saved 4 new tones in the 2nd bank but when I tap a tone in 2nd bank to start playing, as soon as I step on one of the four foot pedals it defaults back to the first bank.


How do switch to other banks and switch between the tones?


Is this pedal capable of that?


Thanx for any help!!

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Hey Muzikmark, 


I don't believe this option is possible with the Express MKII. Which is why we always recommend the shortboard due to its ability. But FBV express has a software entitled: LINE 6 FBV Control that gives a user the option to change midi commands for the use with daws like Garageband, Propellarhead ect.. It may not work, but if you want to dive in deeper for the fun of it, it wouldn't hurt. Check out page 6 for some cool intel on everything you can actually do with an Express MKII

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I understand the default bank is the number one, and the fbv express does not have the capability to change banks.

Will not be awsome if with the AmplifI Remote App we can change the default Bank  easily (Otherwise, as we can move any preset to move the whole bank we need to the number one).

Thanks for your answer..



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