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  1. i think this is a great idea :)
  2. For what it's worth... I updated my firehawk to FW1.20 over bluetooth this weekend and had no problems whatsoever. Patch switching seems much faster, there are no crazy sounds between patches and all my sounds seem to be exactly the same as before. On the whole the new FW & I Pad App seem great. Unfortunately there is still no delay / reverb spill over from patch to patch.
  3. That's a completely logical explanation and reassures me in terms of updating my Firehawk, I've spent ages programing tones on this thing and I'm now really happy with them so didn't want to update until I was sure the sounds would be right following the update. :)
  4. For me on firmware 1.10 the delay and reverb definitely do not spill over from patch to patch in a good way, I just get warped sounds when I switch between some patches. I was hoping the reverb and delay would spill over in a good way on firmware 1.20 but apparently there is just no spillover at all? if so that's disappointing as some early line6 fx units had great spillover between patches - surely we have the technology to make this happen on firehawk? I still haven't updated my firehawk to 1.20 as I'd read a few things about 'thinner / fizzier' sounds which apparently was incorrect...
  5. Who would have guessed that IKEA capita legs make perfect pedalboard mic stand mounts... These ones - http://m.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/art/30244346/ Basically took the base off an old boom stand and stuck a capita leg on the bottom of the stand. I had to drill out the plastic 'foot' of the ikea leg, this made it such a good fit I just whacked the leg onto the bottom of the stand with a hammer and it's solid haha Then bolted the fixing plate to my pedalboard And it's done
  6. Are people experiencing this 'thinner / fizzier / hollow' sound change over just headphones or is it the same using xlr / 1/4 jack outputs into a desk / PA?
  7. That really sucks! and I really didn't want to read it :( Think I'll hang on before updating...
  8. Great news! I'll update mine ASAP and report my thoughts. I had my firehawk set up next to one of these last night - http://digitech.com/en-US/products/gsp1101 The tones on the Firehawk were easily as good as the digitech... But, the patch change and delay/reverb spill over on the digitech was so so SO much better, hopefully this update puts the two units at the same level.
  9. That response is very worrying! How has he not experienced the delay artifacts between patches? Maybe he doesn't use delay :wacko: ... For me this is the single biggest issue with the Firehawk, it's unacceptable and does make it unusable in live situations... Maybe the world should change to accommodate the flaws of this Line6 product, 0.08 seconds filled with the cry of a wild banshee isn't an amount of time to be considered a BIG issue.... seriously?? YES IT IS#!!! :blink:
  10. mikedub

    iOS 9...?

    Thanks for posting this as it's reassuring to know the firehawk app will still work before I update my ipad. Worth mentioning that Apple have already released an update to IOS9 (IOS 9.0.1) today. To Quote Line6Tony from the sticky; "We highly recommend that AMPLIFi iOS users do not upgrade their mobile devices to iOS 9. Updated devices cannot be rolled back to a previous iOS version. Because we’ve made the resolution of this issue a high priority, we are very close to releasing software updates that provide AMPLIFi with iOS 9 compatibility, as well as other performance improvements for both AMPLIFi and Firehawk. Please check our AMPLIFi and Firehawk forums periodically for the latest information on availability. We thank you for your patronage and your patience. We apologize for any inconvenience you’ve experienced. *We incorrectly flagged the Firehawk Remote app as incompatible with iOS 9. Firehawk Remote is fully compatible with iOS 9 and can be used without restrictions." Good that there is a mention of 'other performance improvements for both Amplifi and Firehawk'... :D
  11. I think this article explains everything - http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/effects-controllers/firehawk/volume-controls-overview-r736
  12. That's exactly how my POD XT PRO works
  13. Worth a shot i guess :rolleyes: If anyone agrees with me on the above please vote on the idea here... - http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Firehawk-Bank-changing-cut-off-time/784224-23508?submitted=1
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