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  1. I use an effects loop in for this purpose and set it to line level. Works like a charm. Aux in should work too, as long as it doesn’t clip, but you can control that from the Suhr RL.
  2. I agree this is absolutely horrible. It covers up text and is always moving which draws your eyes away from what you are trying to read.
  3. Okay, I created a support ticket on this. It’s good to hear they’re working on it, but it’s been a known problem for a long time, it’s time to either fix it or admit they cant.
  4. I agree. I just want to know if this is going to get fixed or not. After hearing soon for so long, and then nothing, I think we deserve an answer at least. Doug
  5. I’ve definitely been tempted to open a support ticket to see what they say. I think it would be great if everyone with this problem did that. Maybe Line 6 will take it a little more seriously.
  6. Sorry I wouldn’t have created another one, but I was searching for S/PDIF not AES so I didn’t see yours. I did upvote yours as well. Doug
  7. FYI, I created an Ideascale entry for this, feel free to vote for it. Thanks, Doug
  8. This happens to me too. I also used to use an HD500 through the S/PDIF with no issues into my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. But I get the same dropouts with my Helix. I even tried a new cable, but that was a waste of money. Until or unless Line 6 fixes this I’ll work around it. It still sounds great with XLR cables. But I wish they’d fix it properly, because as it is S/PDIF is useless on this unit and that’s disappointing since I paid for that feature and want to use it. Doug
  9. I am running the same version (10.9.4) on my Macbook Air and I'm not having any issues with HD Edit or Garageband using the 7.3.6 drivers. So I don't think it is a compatibility issue. It does show the drivers aren't installed when I run Monkey and my POD HD 500 is turned off. As soon as I turn it on, they show as installed. I think that's just a Monkey bug. Have you tried plugging into a different USB port. You might also want to reset the PRAM on your Mac. See the following: Doug
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