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  1. But.... todays new technology is tommorrows old news. This is a very rapidly developing field. With all the fanfare many were expecting a podHD/ DT upgrade. What I don't understand is the backward step. I assume that podHD technology is now cheaper to manufacture than it was a couple of years ago. Why not pass that saving onto the younger/ beginner market (if that is indeed the target group) and build it into the "reinvented" amp? Obviously the amp alone wouldnt have the same functionality as the amp + podHD floorboard...that would be the combination of choice for slightly more serious or well healed customers. Again, there is not a huge difference in price (even accounting for functionality) between the pod XT floorboard and podHD floorboards. I can't imagine that the target "pricepoint" would have been that different. And anyway, £400 for the gig-loud 150watt version isn't what I'd call entry level cheap. I don't think this product is exclusively aimed towards day 1 beginners and 10 year olds.
  2. Most of your comments are absolutely fair and I agree with them. However the "say nothing unless its nice" arguement doesn't apply to consumers in relation to (often) expensive technology in a very competetive market. We, the consumers, would be a walk over if it did. Assuming Line 6 personnel occassionally look at these forums, they are probably an important way for them to find out what their loyal customer base want and feel about old and new products. Yes we could all be apathetic and ignore the things we don't like or want to see improve. I'd rather Line 6 were aware of what their "community" wants. If I hated Line 6 gear and owned none of it, I wouldn't ever have signed up to this forum. Its not about "negativity".
  3. Stratman82

    Amplifi Hd

    To me, this makes no sense at all. If I wanted to do this I'd buy a set of speakers! Why buy a modelling amp with built in software and designed with an editing app that is effectively useless? IMO this should have effectively functioned as a "solid-state" DT amp where attaching a podHD extends its functionality and where the iOS app could be used to edit and download HD patches. The bluetooth/ hifi capabilities would then have been the icing on the cake for home use. Why take a step back in technology with X3 software? We all know that this type of software gets cheaper with every passing year. The X3 floorboards will surely be phased out before the podHDs. I just don't understand the decision, even with price as the factor.
  4. If so thats seems a retrograde step that will alienate users (like me) that have progressed through the generations of this technology and are now using podHD patches. The XT floorboard is roughly the same price as a podHD300 so there can't be that much difference in cost to manufacture. This would have been a good option for those (like me) that didn't want a DT amp and would have welcomed a home-friendly and versatile speaker system for the podHD floorboard with the added bonus of bluetooth and built in hifi.
  5. Hang on..the marketing campaign, for starters, was "the guitar amp reivented" with much fanfare. Actually, what they mean is "a modelling guitar amp/ hifi hybrid with outdated modelling software...hope the bluetooth and app help disguise that last point". The price point arguement is weak...a pod X3 floor unit (as far as I can tell from google shoppping) is roughly the same price as a podHD300 with the newer/ improved modelling software. There really isnt a huge difference in the price of the DSP chips etc. This didnt have to be beginner gear- If they'd included HD patch compatability and mabye a podHD interface I'd probably have bought one for home use and jamming or even small gigs.
  6. Exactly I am now convinced that some of the "Line 6 Experts" on this forum are either 1) on the payroll of Line 6 making a job out of scouring these forums and making excuses for anything that's called into question (while peppering their posts with genuinely helpful tips to maintain the facade) or 2) so flattered and blinded by their "expert" status that they make ridiculous suggestions as per the quote above.
  7. Totally agree. Can't understand why they haven't gone for podHD technology for patches and hardware integration. This is a cool concept and as a podHD500x owner I'd have been interested if the patch software wasn't a step backwards.
  8. This is a cool concept and one that I think could have practical uses in several applications. What I can't fathom is why Line 6 have opted for X3 rather than podHD technology. This unit should surely be up to date and natively compatible with podHD floor units (I'm sorry Zap, but for me suggesting use of the stereo aux in is simply making excuses for the company). I can't understand this move unless this is the lower end unit and an ampliFi HD is coming later, as proposed in another thread.
  9. Having sold my DT, I only really use my podhd500x for headphone practice now. It excells at that. The OR15 is best used with analogue pedals. I personally wouldn't hurry to use the podHD with it.
  10. It's funny, I don't see Fender twin, Deluxe reverb or Marshall JTM owners stressing themselves out on their respective forums about their amps next update or whether or not the manufacturer will continue to endorse their chosen product.
  11. Poland isn't the 3rd world!! Clearly if buying new he should source domestically and I'm sure there are plenty of sources (web based if not in store) where he could make a purchase with warranty cover.
  12. I think in your situation I'd prefer to buy new if I could afford it. IMO the problems you could encounter with an international 2nd hand purchase from eBay or similar just aren't worth it unless the used price is exceptionally good. Buying cheaper used gear could prove to be false economy. I bought a used Gibson Les Paul Studio (unseen) on eBay recently as the price was right. I got lucky and it is in good condition and a nice, light example of the model. It could have gone pear shaped though and I'm not sure I'd be keen to try my luck again.
  13. I think that's safe to assume. I guess you never really know how used and abused 2nd hand stuff is unless you know the seller.
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