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  1. I had this happen for my first m20d and received a replacement for that reason (and because on boot up I'd get an error now and then). However, my 2nd unit is doing the same thing now. :( I'm pretty frustrated with it all and thinking of just switching to a Mackie DX instead.
  2. It seems like this would be a thing they would have solved before throwing the unit out the door. It was an issue with the HD500 as well when it first came out and people were upset because of it. Good companies learn from their mistakes.
  3. This is an issue for me as well. It's making the unit unusable for stage. I understand that it would take up a lot of memory to have every sound in memory for instant switching, but what about a firmware update that would load only the sounds in a given bank? Say you setup bank 30 with the sounds you want to use for a song, and those could instantly switch. So as long as you didn't jump out of that bank it'd work. I'm sure it's more complicated than that, but just an idea.
  4. To start, I have been using a M13 for years and love it. Of course with that unit you setup a scene and turn pedals off and on as needed during a song. Now getting to my new Firehawk FX unit. I originally tried to treat it like my M13. I would setup a scene with a clean amp and then turn pedals on and off as needed. This way I could have a clean sound and then pop on the distortion with a pedal and so forth. However, with this came a few issues. First of all, the switching of pedals requires the second row. This means I have to be very careful when changing them since I may accidentally change into a different model instead (and I have done this a few times). The second reason is that the sound is not quite what I want (I'm just picky). Which leads me to the next idea I had.... I thought, this is a "sound model" and not a stomp box model. So why not just setup models for every sound I want. Then I could have the perfect clean sound (with a specific amp, cab, etc), perfect classic distortion (marshall distorted, 75's, etc), and a perfect heavy distortion (treadplate, etc). Plus all of my stomps would be on the bottom row and there wouldn't be a high risk of hitting the wrong pedal. Perfect! However... When I switch models there is a big and noticeable delay and ramp up of sound. I'm assuming it's because the model has to be loaded each time. Obviously this won't cut it on stage and is a big issue. Any ideas of the best way to use the box? If the delay + ramp up could be eliminated I'd have the perfect setup with option 2. Thanks.
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