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  1. Have owned Helix lt for a little over a month it has v3.01 installed.. i have 5 of my own presets made 3 using capo type tunings ( capo1 first fret capo 2 second fret ect) I use my variax 59 with my helix... when i switch from capo 1 preset to capo 2 preset the screen shows that the change was made from 1 to 2 but the sound has not changed from capo 1!!... this happened live so i panicked an pressed the custom button on my variax on and off and was able to change the sound to capo 2 ( the whole time it was showing capo 2 on the helix..... Any ideas
  2. Purchased a HelixLT to go with my Varian JTV 59... Do i need to use the battery in the guitar when using the Helix ??

  3. I purchased my Line 6 rig in 3 separate parts to now have everything i need to have the sound needed for our band. I write songs with acoustic in the song along with electric guitar and marshall sounding amps rolled into one song. I was happy when reading the advertisements on the products that i could use one guitar and all of this equipment to pull off my sound… Well its been almost 2 years and have not been able to do what i paid to do. when going from acoustic ( which i think sounds weak no matter what setting i come up with or trying some settings from the posts) to electric. I cannot understand why line 6 would move forward in version numbers to download without addressing the damn popping sound that you get going from acoustic to electric or vice versa…… I am pretty pissed right now after spending 5,000 plus on equipment and not get the sounds needed and still dealing with popping sounds when switching. I see that someone posted to roll back to ver. 1.90, well 1.90 is gone so i tried the next one on the list and my sound was horrible… I am not an amateur as i have been playing guitar for 30 years…..Line 6 needs to make a video on this situation because I'm sure I'm not alone and to be honest i wished i stayed with my les paul and jcm 800…….Can anybody out there make me feel like a fool and guide me to setting up my rig i just want to play rather than fight with the set up of the equipment…………Thank You
  4. did you design this patch with a real acoustic or a JTV modeled acoustic? thank you
  5. I will try going back to 1.9 and see what happens…yes the clicks ridiculous in a live situation……Thank You
  6. I do have the L2M stage source speakers and yes they sound awesome plugged directly in to them so the next question i have is can i run the DT50,pod500,itv and the L2M all together with the pod somehow switching off the dt when i click a switch on my 500 the vise versa back to the dt 50 from the L2 with the click of a switch??? Thank You
  7. I have owned this set up for a few months and need a little direction….The songs that i write have acoustic guitar and electric in them ( 1 guitar player) i am having a tough time getting a nice acoustic sound out of my DT50,pod 500,and variax. I always have to set up an amp in the pod 500 which when i need the volume that i need it sounds like an electric guitar on clean am i way off base any ideas. also i need to go from an acoustic sound and with the flip of the 500 foot pedal go to a more distorted marshall type sound but i get a nasty noticeable click to do so any ideas??? Thank You
  8. What can i do to avoid the battery in my JTV 59 ? is there something i can buy to plug into other than using batteries?? Thank You
  9. I have a dt50, a Pod 500 HD, and a variax 59 . I cannot get the differant models to work through my dt50 and pod 500. what does work are the pick ups when the modeling on the guitar is switched off. When i go into variax workshop i can hear the models when i switch to them but when i leave the workshop they do not work through my rig...any sugestions ???????
  10. I havemy variax plugged into my POD 500 then through L6 link from the POD 500 into the DT50. i have sound through all of the presets on the POD 500 but cannot get the models to work in the variax guitar. i am wired into the POD 500 with the variax cable, the POD 500 is set to variax and will give sound from presets but no modeling from the guitar itself..battery is at full charge..... I have been in the work bench conected to the POD 500 still nothing as far as modeling from the variax..BUT if i take the variax guitar out of the POD 500 and wire it into the computer through the variax hub that comes with the guitar i have modeling !!! what am i doing wrong??????????
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