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  1. As mentioned in another thread, neck seating may be off slightly, groove depth in the nut in combination with string height above first fret, but there are many variables to consider, and an expert luthier may need to assist you with that one.
  2. Left-field answer - is your battery charged fully? It shouldn't matter since you were powering through a Helix, but who knows? Secondly, have you tried a different VDI cable (or a normal ethernet cable if you don't have one handy?
  3. Thank you, Uber Guru. Lots of manual transferring later, AND only Tone 1 used, as using Tone 1 AND Tone 2 does not allow the selecting of different Variax bass models, and all is well.
  4. Hi all So I am now the proud owner of both products as well as other Line6 gear, and I thought I would clean house a bit and use only the X3 Live. Transfer all my default Bass Pod XT amp+cab combinations to computer using Line6 Edit, and then sending them to my X3. Except no software supports both, as far as I can tell. L6 Edit only supports the XT, whereas the X3 is supported by Workbench HD. Anyone have any ideas? Regards, Paul
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