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  1. This was an awesome thread. I will be buying some of Glenn's patches for sure as I am just too busy in my life to sit at the Helix for hours trying to program patches. I just want to plug in and play! Awesome work Glenn.
  2. I talked to the guys at Sweetwater and the recommended the Mission Engineering Gemini 2. I was reading specs and spoke with the guys at Mission and sounds like a perfect fit. They have had some good feedback with Helix users. Anyone have any experience with this unit?
  3. I did the update today. No problems.
  4. Those Alesis look nice but the 15" woofer seems very deep for a guitar. Is your low end muddy at all?
  5. Using my Helix to go directly into the PA system was a nightmare. At every venue the sound is different probably because of acoustics. I am now running my Helix through my Roland GS-212 which is one of the few amps that was made for a muti-effects with two separate inputs directly to the power amps and 12" speakers. However still hitting the limitations of a guitar amp narrow range speakers. Thinking of trying a nice Roland stereo keyboard amp (KC-880) with horn tweeters. Has anyone tried this setup yet?
  6. Completely agree. They need a dedicated link that goes right to "Search Cloud" and "View Library"
  7. I understand the logic with searching for tones based on the song you call up but what I find frustrating is this example: Lets say I want to play "Eruption" (Van Halen) . I load the song and the app brings back a dozen possible tones. However the best tone which is the Line 6 tone that they have in the Spyder amps or PODs is not there! Why? Why don't they have their proprietary tones in the databank?
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