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  1. I actaully have the real MXR Script Phaser and it does not cut the bottom end at all.
  2. So I have a brand new HX Effects with the latest software. One of my effects block is the Script Phase. Problem is when I engage the effect my low end is cut drastically. Like someone turned my BASS control to 0 ! Anyone else encounter this?
  3. I know to many of your this is a super basic question but I am fairly new to Helix. So if want to set different effects chains for various songs and to run into my EVH 5150 III head in the effects loop, is it as simple as creating a patch with no amp and no cabinet? Can you even do that?
  4. I wish I could help because I have the same problems. I generally really like Glenn's patches but I also found the early Van Halen to be too mushy and convoluted. The is no clarity to the notes with just too much processing going on. The Eruption patch on the POD was awesome as was the STP Plush tone. I cant find those anywhere else. Its like on my first Line 6 amp the AX212 they had a Metallica patch that I have never been able to replicate on any other Line 6 product. Come to think of it my Line 6 Spider IV 150 has a much better Eruption tone than anything so far on Helix.
  5. So the Helix is still impressing me with the Gemini 2. I also purchased the SpaceStation for my keyboard and love it. I did a side by side comparison with the Helix going to the Gemini 2 and the SpaceStation and to me the Gemini 2 won hands down. The Gemini 2 had much fuller bass response. The SpaceStation was good but didn;t have the balls of G2. But for my Roland Keyboard I love the SpaceStation.
  6. For those using their Helix as an effects pedal only with no amp or cab simulations, how is it working for you? Are you using the send/returns on your amp?
  7. yea I have it. Nothing hard to replicate with the Police.
  8. That is strange. I am running my Helix into my G2 with 1/4" stereo outs and have the Empower knob set all the way to flat and I have none of those issues.
  9. It is established that you have a major problem and lots of good advice. I would do the following in order: 1. Check that Wah is not engaged. Check cords you are using to go from Helix to amp. Try new ones. If using XLR make sure they are balanced cables. 2. Turn off Global EQ 1. Back up your IR's and export your bundle to save everything. 2. Update to latest firmware 2.01 and make sure you do the last step of rebuilding your presets. 3. Try different factory presets to see if problem is gone. If it is, load your bundle and IR's and go. If not you have a bad unit.
  10. That is funny! I am marking this thread "Solved"
  11. ditto. Get the Helix. It is the best on the market right now.
  12. UPDATE: After two months plus of using the Helix with my Gemini 2 at live gigs I am still very happy. The sound continues to blow my mind, especially with effects like Double Delay and Stereo chorus. I have people at EVERY gig come up and say how incredible the guitar sounds. "Just like the record" is a comment I get often. The one negative I found is the weight of the Gemini 2 unit. It is 62 lbs. But I bought a small furniture dolly (I didn't want to drill into the cab to attach wheels) and that makes it east to roll the unit around. By the way I have to give another shout out to Glenn DeLaune. I bought his Custom Artist 2 patches and the Boston patch is perfect. Finally after 30 years of playing guitar I have the actual Boston sound. When we perform More than a Feeling and Don't Look Back it gives me chills how accurate the sound is on that patch.
  13. Me too. Wife says its time to thin the heard. I have 16 guitars right now.
  14. Another problem is everyone has a different perception of what they hear. One guy might create a Boston tone and think it is right on and 8 other people think it is not even close. Even with some of the tones I paid for from Glenn DeLaune are not what I expected and he is one of the best. The sound on the youtube demos sometime is much different than what I get through my rig. Its just the nature of the beast. You are always better off to make your own tones on your own rig to get the sound you want. But that takes actual work and many of us are lazy and looking for the short cut like buying them! (which is what I often do.) But the free ones on custom tone... well you get what you pay for.
  15. Thanks. I thought I did something wrong. I got all the IR's put back so no big deal but I hope in the future the save bundle option will make an exact backup including IR's.
  16. So I did a firmware upgrade tonight to 2.01 and before doing the upgrade I saved my "bundle" which I assumed was everything. (an exact copy of what I had) After doing the firmware upgrade and rebuilding everything I then loaded my saved bundle. Everything came over EXCEPT the IR's. I have the Glenn DeLaune Custom Artist 2 package I purchased an all those IR's were gone so I had to manually save them again to the IR locations. Is this normal? Why did the "save bundle" not save the IR's?
  17. Sweet. We do Zombie as well and I just finished a snapshot for it. Good luck and blow their ears out!
  18. LOL Thanks. I am certainly not able to do it like Eddie (or the kids on youtube) but I can fake it pretty well with my own embellishments.
  19. So we played a gig for around 500 people this weekend. Set up my normal stage rig, EVH 5150 III S going into an Avatar 4X12 cab with my basic pedals. Right next to it I set up my Helix going into my new Mission Engineering Gemini 2. I was too afraid to go just Helix on such an important gig and I have not had it long but I did have 4 patches set to go. I used the Helix with Glenn DeLaune's early VH patch I bought for Dance the Night Away and Eruption/Aint Talk About Love. It blew the audience away. I had people come up to me during the break and say it sounded like they were at a Van Halen concert. My 5150 III also sounds good but I could never get that total stereo effect like they did with the original album. Then I used Glenn's the Nudge patch for Stranglehold. OMG! I got goosebumps because it was like my guitar was possessed with uncle Ted's vibe. The lead sounded exactly like the album thanks to the patch. So for the whole set list of 30 songs I only used the helix for 4 this time but very good results. Of course for the grand finale we closed with Enter Sandman and used my 5153 Stealth on channel 3 with some delay.... left the stage smoking! Special Thanks to Glenn and Line 6. Helix rocks.
  20. $1,699 for the Bluetooth model which is the one I bought. About a $1,000 cheaper than a nice tube head so in perspective its not bad.
  21. I had the Helix for about a week and tried running it into my PA direct, then into the front of a clean Marshall JVM head and finally into the direct amp in lines for the left and right channels on a Roland GS-212. The Roland is one of the few amps that can do stereo with direct inputs bypassing all tone circuits. The sound was best with the Roland setup but just not the "blow me away" sound you can get running a Helix direct into a computer. But I gig and I needed a live application. And I didnt want to depend on crappy FOH systems at some of the clubs we play. I like to play direct; guitar to amp to cab to ears! So I was ready to pull the trigger on a couple QSC speakers and was on the phone with Sweetwater and the guy said you need to try the Mission Engineering Gemini 2. True stereo with a typical woofer/tweeter configuration. 220 watts of Class D power. So I ordered one and it arrived today. Plugged into the Helix and it was amazing! The sound is huge and rich and the stereo separation on the stereo patches is incredible. It fills the practice studio with 3D like sound. I believe the key is the frequency response of the speakers which is far greater than typical 12" guitar speakers. But the amazing thing is even the PA where I have 15" lows and horn tweeter did not sound even close to this unit. I know lower cost PA systems are tweaked to have the sweet spot in a very narrow vocal frequency range. Maybe its the solid wood cabinet but whatever it is I am very happy. It brought my Helix to life! I
  22. Sweet! I missed that on his site. That will solve my problem for now, thank you. I did download two of his patch sets and they are awesome!
  23. Thats too bad. I know they can;t model every pedal but any good acoustic simulator would have been useful. Its kind of a staple for me since our band does a lot of 70's & 80's. Used it on Boston songs, Poison, Tesla, etc...
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