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  1. Tune in this time next year to find out... hahaha
  2. Cant you just do this with the levels aready?
  3. Great news for Bass users I guess! But cmon, can we please address the basics first. still no level meters, and still no method for saving Global settings! I know I'll skip this update in the hope that the next one will contain at least the ability to save global settings... Or maybe ill just buy a headrush pedal board.... Just joking, no one is that that damned potato!
  4. Is there meant to be a bright switch on the lead channel? I don't have one on mine, do have it on the clean channel, noticed that the real deal has one for the lead channel, I know I would use it, hopefully they tweak this is if it isn't there for everyone....
  5. It would be nice if they could do a reset option that leaves the IR section alone...
  6. Ahhh, classic Chad 'the fleecer' Boston....
  7. Is that an auto on off for the wah?? Ar work so cant try it out...
  8. It may not be the case that it is in droves, however some members were complaining,in this thread, of it happening all too often. Given their responses to the OP I'm not surprised if blowing things out of proportion is on their cards.
  9. Love how a large number of customers can be fed up with the flow of updates and yet the regular culprits will be here ready to slam them for expressing their views, in the customer support forum, ready to stroke Line6' shaft and cup certain members balls. This is a customer support forum, they own the product, they are more than entitled to express they are fed up. If you are sick of seeing people talk about it then it's easy to see that there's reason then to justify the frequency. "Just sell it then..." How about don't open the thread....?
  10. Some people have just been looking to use the Helix as a cash cow since the day it was announced. One in particular, Chad Boston, really grinds my gears. Here we have someone who is not a great reviewer, not a great player, and definitely not known outside of his little Mansonesque helix club who not only crowd funded his gear after he cracked the sads, but charges for patches, sells his own line of helix shirts and charges for access to a forum where you can get "special helix tips and tricks." What pisses me off about people like this is the fact that they have no input in the product itself but are certainly milking it for what its worth, how line 6 isn't dragging people like him over the coals is beyond me as he is making money off and from using their name. What ever happened to musos helping each other out? Not once have I ever considered charging someone to offer help when they have asked a question about helix on any other forums, and neither have the other users. Could you imagine, before modelers, asking people for settings they are using on there amps and pedals only to charge them to tell them where to turn their knobs? This is the same thing with helix, only because its digital and can be saved people are of the impression they are some sort of Hackerman wiz so in fact should be able to charge for their time. I've downloaded a few patches here and there, even bought one, to see where I could improve etc, the one I paid for was in no way more valuable to me than the free patches and not one, paid or free, made me think they would be worth the money.
  11. Given where we are at with a unit like this, even offering multiple parameter changes, it's a long way from where we all once were, an amp with a few pedals and a switch to change channels. It kind of seems now that we have been given such a huge range of options people are crying because they unnecessarily want more and more. It's kind of like the rich kid that got a lambo for christmas but then complains its the wrong colour. I must admit, I always thought Jimi Hendrix' tone and playing was lollipop because he couldn't make over 16 tonal changes per song....
  12. 16 snapshots per song? Why....?
  13. Wow, if you think the title of my post is "abrasive" then you need to get out more. No one likes an SJW, stop trying to make everything more than it needs to be...
  14. Not sure what you are trying to get at as that was genuinely how I was feeling, it got to the point that I wasn't even turning it on because I was so disappointed with what I was hearing. It wasn't an attempt at a post to bring helix down, it was simply a title reflecting my exact feelings at the time regarding my experience. As for user error, yup, that could be it, that's why I was posting in here asking the questions I asked, could it be me, could it be the product, are my expectations vs reality out of whack. If its user error then hopefully I can get right to the bottom of it and Ill be happy, remember I never claimed to be an expert. Some people are trying to help rather than scoff at the thought they can climb aboard their high horse and shout "USER ERROR" as though they get some sort of personal gain out of the experience... But hey what ever floats your boat champ....
  15. Thanks mate appreciate it, I know what your trying to say, and to be honest, I've never mixed a track before, so knowing what fits in the mix vs my just trying to emulate a cab in room sound are no doubt going to be extremely different things. Because if this inexperience it makes it confusing as to what I should be chasing. I think I made some decent headway today and ill have another crack at recording some little demo tones a bit better tomorrow after work and get you to have a listen!
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