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  1. So is! I should call the same preset again with the parameters originally recorded, but this is not the case. On the tap tempo, I already tried what you say and likewise it does not work, so assign it to snaps or to preset, and likewise if I assign a block to an FS it never returns to the original call. Does that happen to you too? What can you suggest? Thank you!!
  2. Hello friends! I have a problem that I would like to help me solve. Before I used my M9 and controlled it through my G-Lab Gsc3. I assigned a swtich (example # 1) of my controller and it called me to a scene inside a certain folder on my M9. I could turn a stomp on or off within that scene but at the MOMENT OF ME RETURNING THE SWTICH (# 1) OF MY CONTROLLER THE SCENE BACKED BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL STATUS (I used it in manual save). The point here is that so many times I stepped on my swtich # 1, so many times this recalling that assigned scene. Now, I have made the jump to the HX STOMP and I am very happy with all the midi options, however I can not get my controller to recalling the same preset. That is, if in preset 1A I modify the tap tempo and then step my swtich # 1 (of my controller) it does not call the preset 1A again so the tap tempo does not return to its original recorded state. In the same way with the FS you can assign as stomp or snaps and other parameters. As a detail, my G-Lab has a recalling option which I have activated (since before I used it like that on my M9) but I do not know why the HX STOMP does not work that way. I hope for help with this problem. Thank you!
  3. Hello friends! I read through the photo and I suppose I mentioned the subject several times, but I could not find a definitive solution, but only alternatives, for the bad volume increase when we use the chorus and modulations of m9. For me and the other people is a very annoying subject because with the simple fact of activating the chorus (I use the analogue chorus) the volume increases. If I decide to lower the mix to 0, the volume increase remains. The alternative that I have thought is to create that effect bank with the slightly less volume, for which I have to use the pedal volume. This solution seems the most reasonable but not the simplest. I would appreciate if you could give me another alternative solution or the people of Line 6 who can give an official answer on this problem and can give us an update that I think would be the only alternative. I am waiting for your answers and help Thank you very much! regards!
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