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  1. @AndyCopeman, did you ever find a solution to this? I'm a new LT user and I'm seeing the same thing when midi syncing to ableton. This happens whether I use the DIN MIDI or USB to sync. I also haven't tried all the delays, but I'm certainly seeing it with the ping pong delay.
  2. I just purchased an LT and updated to 2.81. The first thing I did was dial in a 1/2 note synced ping pong delay with a long feedback, as I use this a lot. I have my LT MIDI synced to Ableton. Two things are happening 1. No matter what I have the global setting at, I still have artifacts in my delays. Authentic results in the more analog-type pitching and "transparent" results in horrible digital glitching. 2. After about the 3rd/4th repeat, the delays get out of sync. It starts getting about 1 beat too early. The delays don't seem to do this if I just set the tempo on the Helix. I supposed I can get away with this as a workaround, but there really seems to be some kind of syncing issue. Previously I was using a TC Electronic Flashback Triple Delay MIDI synced in the exact same way. The thing stayed rock solid on it's syncing with no weird artifacts
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