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  1. Update to the above, it needs doing every time MacOS is updated (I just went to macOS Big Sur v11.5.1 on an Intel Core i5 iMac) Bit of a time-consuming pain. Line 6 have a damned cheek claiming that the HD ProX works with Hd ProX Edit (and, de facto, my Logic Pro Software), especially when they are still selling the product. I, for one, will NEVER buy a Line 6 product again. I have other kit (Kemper Profiler, Mooer GE300, and they worked FLAWLESSLY with MacOS updates. Line 6 are only concerned with selling their latest products and not supporting older (but still being sold!) ones... Not to inflame a pointless debate but I had a Helix but sold it again, as I thought the amp modelling and in particular, the effects sounded a bit naff (compared with my much older Eventide stompboxes). I still wanted a one-stop shop pedalboard solution and I couldn't be happier with the Kemper. Each to their own, I realise that lots of you will be very happy with your Helix. I just think Line 6 support is sh**e
  2. Total bloody genius! Thank you! Got POD HD PRO edit working this way with Big Sur
  3. I can confirm that HDProX edit will install, and start up, but it can't see my HD ProX; neither can LogicProX - I suppose we have to wait for the drivers (I tried this on a spare Mac laptop - not done it on my main iMac machine, which is still running Catalina 10.15.7)
  4. Thank you so much! That worked first time!! I spent nearly 6 hours trying to fix this . Why can’t they just fix Monkey to download the correct version??? David
  5. Hi, trying to get my macbook pro (2013) to see POD HD PRO X and driver the downloads (Monkey 1.77) and says that it has installed but it hasn't. I have seen: But this does not help. I open System Preferences/Security & Privacy and unlock, but there is no message/notification on blocking of the app. I have tried downloading the driver directly from Line6 website. No difference. At wit's end...there seems no further help on this. David
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