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  1. I have An Apple MacBook Pro i7, running El Captain 10.11.6. I recently upgraded to El Captain and did not have any issues using GearBox with Yosemite. If I launch GearBox without my TonePort UX2 plugged into the USB, GearBox will start up just fine but when I plug the USB in for my UX2 I get the pinwheel of death. If I launch GearBox and have my UX2 plugged in before i launch, it gets stuck on "Initializing DSP" I downloaded POD Farm 2 and it woks but only in a trial capacity as I have not purchased the program, but it does works with Garageband. I can launch Garage Band and use my TonePort and the effects Garage Band has pre installed. All my drivers are up to date according to Monkey. It all seems to revolve around GearBox. Any known solutions to this?
  2. Before I start to throw my MacBook into the wall along with everything else, I thought I would just try and pose my question here since nothing I have read seems to work or is the same problem I have, just similar. I am running a MacBook Pro 2010 with Yosemite I have GearBox installed Garageband installed I can plug my UX2 via USB and it shows power however it is not recognized anywhere. Gearbox gives me a flashing USB, Garageband shows nothing and if I open Line6 Monkey for updates it shows I have a POD xt (Unless this is another name for UX2 than I don't own one) There is no option for TonePort on any program I use. Even if I try updates in monkey(though I have to choose POD xt as the device as it is the only choice) , it says I can't connect to the internet, which I obviously can. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times with the same outcome. I have an older Mac that runs on the old Power PC processor which it runs perfectly fine on, but there is no need to clutter my workspace with yet another computer.... My USB's work fine for any other device I plug in. I have installed this device on 2 windows machines and 1 Mac and have never had any issues so what am I missing? Is there a compatibility issue with Yosemite?
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