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  1. If you don't want to try the user settings on this site my suggestion would be to google the particular song you want to sound like and add search terms like "amp settings ", "gear and effects ", "guitar rig rundown", etc. Another great source is guitar magazines like Guitar World or Total Guitar or Guitar Player. Also, search YouTube for this stuff. There are a lot of videos on there now with people showing this stuff.
  2. It depends on which amp you have. I don't think you said. If it's the 15 watt there are only 4 presets. You can search this site and the web. There is a several page line 6 document that came out a long time ago which shows how to dial in a bunch of classic/modern rock presets.
  3. I agree. Bring it back asap so there won't be an issue with getting a return or exchange.
  4. When you do the factory reset are you holding the clean button while you power up? That is a factory reset. If the amp is on and you hold down the clean button you are saving whatever you did as a preset. This is in the pilot guide, which you can get on Line 6's website. The 15 doesn't have all the capabilities of the higher watt models. For example, you can only have 4 presets which if you want to change you have to dial in and then save by holding a preset button for 2 seconds. There are some other tips in the pilot guide about adding a boost or using a manual type setting, etc.
  5. I bought spider iv 15 watt about a year ago and hardly played. Just got it out of closet and am playing with it. When I use the mp3 in there is a lot of static. Tried 2 cables that are fine with other devices. Also not a problem with device on other end of cable. Does anyone know if this is a fairly common issue with these units? Anyone else have this issue? If so, how did you fix? Thanks
  6. I just bought the Firehawk Fx and am extremely happy with it. I don't have any of the bluetooth or latency problems some people have mentioned. Of course, I just bought it now and have updated to the latest firmware version so that may be a part of it. I admit it is now selling for $350 so that is one of the reasons I got it. However, I read all of the reviews and watched a lot of youtube videos first. Based on the Helix coming out and past experience on other products with Line 6 (and all the other modelers from Digitech, Boss, etc. - they come out with a new one almost more than once a year) I didn't expect a lot of updates/changes with this unit. I almost got a 500x but I really like to be able to use my iPad or iPhone to edit and store tones and also to be able to use the bluetooth to stream music (don't need another cable hooked up!). I also like the fact that they put the HD amp/effects models on here but also all of the other amp models as well. To me, the Firehawk is really a combination of the Amplifi, the 500x, and the X3 Live. I had an X3 Live and really loved the amp models and sounds out of it. That's why I got it instead of the 500x. FYI, I just play at home and don't play live, so this was not a consideration of mine. I plug the unit into studio monitors (not too expensive ones) and through headphones and play along with music or guitar instructional videos through my iphone or iMac. Unlike some reviewers, I really like a lot of the factory presets. I find a lot of them I can use to play along to almost any song (may not use exact amp, etc., but sounds good enough to use). I will sometimes adjust gain, bass, mid, treb, etc. but since those controls are right on the unit it is very easy to do. That is another reason I got this versus some other units on the market sold by other companies. I really like having those controls right on the face of the unit. That was my 2 cents :)
  7. I agree. There should be some kind of a web page where you can go and see all of the loaded tones, like they have on tonecentral and like digitech does on their site. I also see the presets with ratings but it doesn't say how many people rated it so it really tells me nothing. The person who created it could have given it 5 stars. It would also be cool to then listen to a sample of the sound (as they do in their mobile pod app). This would allow you to quickly find some tones you would like on your computer without having to test them all out while having your unit on and hooked into the cloud with bluetooth. Just a suggestion :)
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