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  1. Hi ####EDIT##### I find what's wrong. By default, teh HX send a CHANNEL 1 PC message for each bank. I turn off and now it's working fine. ##################### I don't be sur to understand your question. HX effect send MIDI message CHANNEL 1 for BIAS (unchangeable) et CHANNEL 2 for JVM. I check tonight if HX is set in MIDI OMNI mode to send message. Yesterday, i say another weird thing. HX MDI OUT -> JVM IN >JVM THRU -> PC (viewer MIDI) When I send with HX a MIDI message as CHANNEL 2 PC 0 via Instant Message throug the JVM , I received 2 messages CHANNEL 2 PC 0 + CHANNEL 2 PC "2". And I cheked there is no another midi commande in the HX. I need to check the MIDI OUT HX tonight.
  2. Hi, Thanks for this post. I have a question. I try to to pilot my JVM and Bias Head with HX effects. BIAS HEAD is MIDi CHANNEL 1 (unchangeable) JVM is set to factory reset then JVM is set to CHANNEL 2 (or whatever expect CHANNEL 1) according to the manuel. then I learn the PC for the JVM with HX ex : CH2 PC0 = CLEAN GREEN ( REVERB OFF, FX LOOP ON MASTER OFF) CH2 PC1 = CLEAN ORANGE( REVERB OFF, FX LOOP ON MASTER OFF) ...... It's working. After that, The midi signalchain is from HX OUT -> JVM IN -> JVM THRU -> BIAS IN. The HX send this instant Message ex : CH1 PC1 = AMPLI XX on BIAS HEAD CH2 PC0 = CLEAN GREEN ( REVERB OFF, FX LOOP ON MASTER OFF) It'x OK with BIAS (MIDI THRU is OK) but It doesn't work anymore with the JVM !!!?!! I dont understand why.... Another point, when I select a HX preset whitout any Instant Message, the JVM switch in a weird mode Clean GREEN, without FX loop ??? Thanks for reading
  3. Would it be possible to create a VU meter section by Line 6 ? It would be easier to set the output level correctly. Thanks
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