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  1. ofcourse i have tried everything i could. it sends to the master, i tried to create new tracks, checked routing and other settings, everything is fine, other plugins work normally on that tracks, only PodFarm is bitching, if i delete podfarm from inserts i hear direct signal from guitar, if add podfarm again sometimes it works, sometime not, it's a bug i think, settings are normal inside podfarm too i didn't changed there anything radical too. I don't want to reinstall windows and everything just to see if podfarm working or not, if nobody knows what it is, i will not use it to next win installation...crap.
  2. Hi! I'm using UX2 Studio Interface and PodFarm 2.59 in Reaper 5.15 x64, Win7 x64, and i have a trouble that PODFarm VST won't output sound. For example i have 3 identical tracks with the same settings and with 1 plugin podfarm on each track with the same settings. But 2 tracks are playing, 1 track not, If i delete podfarm from inserts i hear a direct guitar sound, if i copy vst from other track it works normally . but if i stop/play then again i hear 1-2 tracks, but the same track with the same podfarm settings won't output sound. What to do?
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