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  1. My guitars have passive pickups. and the cable works fine with my sound card. what can I do to know that the tubes are fine or damaged?
  2. Hi guys, I have problem with my spider valve MKII 112, hope you can help me. My amp was Ok until today. I turned the amp on and it sounded nothing. I've just waited for a couple of minutes for tubes to get warm, but the problem remained. I turned the Chanel and master volume up and then it started to sound very low. This volume problem remained even when I reset the amp to factory settings and try it with another guitar. Anyone had an idea? Is it power? Is it some pot jam? Is it tubes??
  3. I am about to purchase a POD HD500X. Currently I'm using a couple of stomps like blues driver, phase 90, DD-20 and etc. Specially I want to know about delay settings. Are they easy to set and am I capable of setting delay times with musical signs (like DD-20 Giga delay)?
  4. Hey Guys Is it Possible to change the reverb type in POD 2.0? I mean can I change the reverb type to Hall or Cave? Thank you very much
  5. I,m using Pod Studio UX1 and I have a problem. When I record my electric guitar in Logic pro the waves are too weak. I can barley see the wave even after normalize. I'm using a Mexican stratocaster and pod farm 2.56.
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