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  1. At the moment I don't have an amp or any speaker to plug my pod into so I can't test my patch out with a high volume, and I have practice next week so I don't want to waste everyone's time trying to figure out which settings to adjust.... so is there a way to raise the volume on the patch and keep the same tone that you currently have? if not, then which settings(mids, gain, bass, etc..) should i start adjusting? higher or lower? I'm going to be plugging in the pod into the system, on the XLR out, should I be plugging it on both left and right or is plugging it in on one side fine? Is there a certain setting, besides the amp volume, that should be the same on all the patches in order to keep the same volume on all of them.
  2. Yeah, it's my fault for not being more specific, sorry about that, usually when I post things on forums I don't get much help and I wasn't expecting to get help here either, the patches that I'm using right now aren't my favorite, but I just use them to play along with other music, but here are some links to some videos.
  3. So I've been playing guitar for a few years now, but I never really got around to learning how to make the "perfect" patch or sound for me, and honestly I still get lost when it comes to finding a good sound. I know about this^ website providing patches from other users, but honestly they sound good until you start playing with other instruments. I own a Schecter Blackjack SLS with the Floyd Rose and Sustaniac, with a Seymour Duncan TB-10 Full Shred Humbucker on the Bridge. I play at my church so I would really appreciate if someone could help me out on figuring out a sound that would sound good with this guitar and also sound good live. I will be plugged into the system, not an amp. Next week is my church's anniversary so I want to have a really good sound by then, for those that decide to help me, I am trying to look the basics, a clean patch, rhythm patch, and a solo patch, and for those that have experience with playing at a church, i am not looking for a sound like hillsong, at our church we like to play a little more "rock." Thanks.
  4. I ended up buying a Vox AC15C1 amp in order to play at church, as of right now the only pedal I own is the 500x and I know I could use that on it's without an amp but I want to eventually buy my own set of pedals so I might as well start with the amp. So I have no knowledge of what pedals sound good and what a good combo would be so I would like to ask if someone could help me out with a couple of patches that sound great through the amp( No FX loop), and of course sound good with worship music. I know it eventually comes down to what sound you like but as I mentioned before I wouldn't know where to start.
  5. So about a year ago I bought a POD but I only really used it to play at home, and at church I would play with what they had there. But recently I'm going to have to start taking my stuff and I'm planning on buying a VOX AC30VR, and I keep hearing people say to connect the POD to an fx loop but last I heard the VOX doesn't have an fx loop. So my question is, would it be a good idea to connect the POD into the amp while also connecting it to the system in the church? Will I be hearing a different sound off the amp while the audience hears what should be heard from the POD?
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