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  1. If it means them checking things as best they can before release then I'm more than happy to wait. I have a NUX Cerberus and they've just released the new firmware and 'improved' editor, only to find that the combined lot has more bugs than an Australian jungle!
  2. And here comes 2.50 with a load of stuff (inc the Freidman and Lonestar) which includes a load of legacy which we were asking for. Line6 - thanks for the belated Christmas present. ::)
  3. MikeAllen-Pugh, on 30 Nov 2017 - 4:08 PM, said: Back in? Helix has never had a vocoder. IdeaScale's your friend. **** As in it was in the previous Line 6 product before the Helix (HD-500). The Helix is great, but looks like I'll be going back to using the Axe-FX until it's (hopefully) in there. Currently using the wah to somewhat simulate, but not the same thing.
  4. Still no Vocoder. Damn and blast. PLEASE PUT THIS BACK IN!! It was in the HD-500 and this is supposed to be a 'premium product'.
  5. Brilliant. I'll see it I can suss it out. Many thanks! :)
  6. Hi, I've bought the Helix but am having some issues with connecting a TC Nova Drive to it via one of the FX loops. Couple of problems really : - When switiching presets, the Helix doesn't sent anything to the Nova System via MIDI to change presets on it. Really not sure if I have MIDI set up correctly on the Helix to communicate with it, ideas appreciated. - When I do get the MIDI switching to work, is it possible to change presets in the Nova via snapshots in one preset on the Helix? Many thanks in advance Mike
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