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  1. Hey mmunnecom, This is something we had considered during the early stages of development, but it had too many drawbacks that deterred from our goals (pretty lightweight, no fans, etc.) and ultimately it was a little more niche than we were comfortable with. We actually built a reactive load unit for development purposes to try it out and it's actually pretty great, but there's plenty of those kind of products already on the market and they probably work great with Powercab. So for us, there wasn't much of a need to go there if we didn't do something different.
  2. Hi, that picture appears to be an anomaly. The Spider V 240 definitely does not have external speaker outputs. Correct product photography can be found on Sweetwater's site here: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Spider5-240 I'm glad to hear you got to try out the Spider V 60 and had a good experience with it. Keep an eye out for the 120 and 240 that have the 12" speakers, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  3. Hi guys, I will suggest that you file a ticket with customer service and they can walk you through any steps you need to take to get your interface working. In our testing, sometimes it required unplugging the device and reconnecting it. We also recommend that you unplug the Line 6 device, completely uninstall the driver, and re-install the driver, being sure to wait to plug it back in until after your mac has rebooted at the end of the install process. If your inputs have disappeared, check the Line 6 Audio Midi Devices preference pane to see the input selection has reverted to default. There is also a new build of the Mac OS X 10.11.2 update public beta 5 which claims USB was an area of focus. I'm currently using it with a UX2 and have no issues. Give that a shot.
  4. Now that our new driver is out, today we have been rolling out new versions of various apps to work with El Capitan. You should try the License manager again.
  5. Hey everybody, I just wanted to inform you that we have released a new version 7.5.7 of the Line 6 Audio/MIDI driver for Mac today. If you've been having issues, please uninstall the old driver and try the new one. This release targets the El Capitan updates 10.11.1 and it works even better on 10.11.2 thanks to some improvements on the OS side of things. We've been doing a TON of testing on this and wanted to be absolutely sure that we can show up here and release something we feel confident in, and now that time is finally here. –Cheers!
  6. If you want to create an aggregate device, you'll be limited to 48Khz sample rate which is what Helix can run on in class compliant mode until we create a mac based audio driver. USB channels 7-8 are dedicated for reamping, so you can send to those channels from your DAW to re-amp the signal. But yes, it was designed to be the audio interface for that scenario. Check the Global Settings -> Ins and Outs.
  7. I would recommend powering the amp on first, ensure that it is connected in Bluetooth settings, maybe playback some music or something to confirm, then launching the app. That way when the app is launching it already knows the amp is there (should reconnect automatically over Bluetooth) and can begin it's data connection for loading tones and whatnot. Without going into too much detail... there are two protocols to Bluetooth, one which carries audio, and the other which carries data. AMPLIFi Remote uses both, and even though the audio may work, the data connection may close when an error occurs (likely between firmware updates). The best way to re-establish data connection is to break down the bluetooth connection entirely and pair it again. After that, it should remain stable and reconnect accordingly. Once again, stay tuned for the firmware update that is coming soon, it fixes a root cause which shuts down the data connection, but leaves the audio connection, which is the part that is deceiving.
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm happy to hear you comments about the new interface, we hope that it is faster and easier to get around compared to the old one. If a gray color scheme that is lighter would be preferred we can make that change in a future release. A firmware update for all SKUs which will improve the connectivity is coming soon. I'll continue to monitor this forum for your comments and questions! Thanks,
  9. Here's a quick recipe for solving some connectivity issues that can occur after firmware updates: Manually quit the AMPLIFi Remote app by double pressing the home button (or multi-tasking button on Android) and swiping it upward. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your iOS/Android device and forget the pairing to the AMPLIFi device. Then once again pair to your AMPLIFi device and restart the Remote app.
  10. Tap and hold on any parameter you wish to assign to the FX knob. You then have the option to assign it to the onboard pedal with a switch. If an external expression pedal is attached it will take over the assigned parameter. Some parameters aren't assignable because they wouldn't make sense or are just unusable. Just press and hold on various ones you want to assign. They are however just one parameter at a time.
  11. That list is simply composed of the devices that we've been testing and developing on. We are certain they will work and have an optimal experience. We also know there is literally thousands of Android devices on the market that could potentially work, but we can't confirm every single one. As such, we do not restrict installation on any android device, so long that it meets the requirements in the Google Play store. We encourage you to install the app on whatever device you may have, but please know that your mileage may vary on devices not in our list.
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