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  1. Thanks, I saw this too - I waited until it finished and went to the home screen, I even played it a little and then I turned it off and then back on later - that's when it hung.
  2. My floor unit hung at startup at the splash screen after upgrading it to 2.50, then turning it off and then back on - the screen froze and there was no response to any controls. Cycling the power resolved this and it's been ok ever since, but now I don't feel confident anymore that it won't hang again every time I turn it on. It's been nice and stable so far with all previous FW versions - no hangs, no crashes. Wondering if anyone else have seen this and heads-up/FYI to the devs.
  3. You should be able to if you set your input configuration (setup page 3 on HD Pro, should be same on 500) to: Input 1: variax, Input 2: guitar, or vice versa.
  4. If only they happen to have a version with voltage selector... Mine (US, 120V) doesn't have one... Please also see http://line6.com/support/message/319943#319943. You may want to double check carefully when it arrives, before plugging it in. http://line6.com/support/thread/80374 also
  5. The amp does not have a switching PS, it has a regular iron core transformer PS. The actual voltage that the installed PS is rated for is stamped on the rear panel right below the midi in jack and depends on the country the amp is made for. If you are ordering a US version it is going to be rated for 120V. Don't plug it in to 220V mains, you will burn it.
  6. If you decide to use a battery UPS make sure to choose one having sinusoidal output waveform and low output harmonics level. It would also be a good idea to insert a separate power conditioner / EMI filter between UPS and the amp. Many UPS'es generate output waveform that is a very rough approximation of true Sin wave because they are designed for computers and computer switching power supplies are very tolerant to input waveform distortion. But not traditional iron transformer power supplies. Non-sinusoidal power may prove fatal to the power transformer and/or your amp circuitry. Higher frequency harmonics (EMI noise essentially) from non-sinusoidal power may also cause very audible interference and digital circuitry malfunction. One other thing that may help against brownouts and surges (but not high voltage spikes though) is a good old ferroresonant constant voltage transformer / regulator. Again, look for one with low output harmonics level.
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