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  1. I pressed the mode button and it didn't exit that mode. I rebooted a few times and it wouldn't revert. Also, on one of the reboots a moving blue box was on the screen. Anyone get that before?
  2. Last night at a gig when I used the pedal for a wah lead the scribble strips disappeared. For the rest of the night when I pressed a bank button the scribbles would reappear and flash and then I was able to switch presets but when I did they disappeared again. I reset it today and it seems to be back to normal for now. Anyone have this happen?
  3. Schivosa

    Wah pedal

    Yeah, I assigned it to exp2 and it works. It automatically did it for me the first time. Don't know why.
  4. Schivosa

    Wah pedal

    I got it now. I added a controller set to exp2 and it worked. Not sure why it worked the first time because I didn't do that.
  5. Schivosa

    Wah pedal

    I added a wah block a factory preset and it worked the first time. I can't get the wah to work anymore. I've tried using different presets. Any idea?
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