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  1. I've tried reinstalling numerous times and even going back to 1.91. No luck.
  2. Helix Native 1.92 is consistently crashing Reaper when I try to add presets, whether I drag and drop or use the import button. This wasn't happening before, don't know what changed. I tried rolling back to 1.91 and it does the same thing. Anyone having this issue also? I just tried creating a new preset and it crashed when I try to save too.
  3. Yeah, sorry about that. It was misleading. I can't find where to change a thread title.
  4. I'm not using an actual pedal. I'm using the pitch block in Helix Native. Do I have to use MIDI CC11 in Native?
  5. Thanks. Yes, changing the pedal position is what I'm trying to accomplish.
  6. How can I setup a whammy pedal to change positions quickly in Reaper?
  7. I've installed Helix Native and all of the new stuff is in there but the about screen still says its version 1.80. Anyone else getting this?
  8. At gigs, I am connecting the Helix to an FRFR speaker, a 2x12 cab and the front of house. How can I adjust presets to have the IR block sent to the FRFR and FOH but not the 2x12 cab? I would like to have the 2x12 using it owns speakers instead of an IR emulating another cab.
  9. I'm not getting sustain with pinch harmonics on the Helix like I do using a physical amp. Any tips on what parameters to enhance?
  10. Yeah, I was able to use another computer with Windows 10 and it finished the update. Also, WIndows 7 will no longer be supported after this year. I will be updating soon too.
  11. I have Windows 7 issues too. I have HX edit 2.80 installed but there is no Helix driver listed under device manager - sound video, game controllers.
  12. Looks like it was A Windows 7 issue. I hooked it up to a laptop with Windows 10 and the update continued. Rebuilding presets now. It still won't detect it on Windows 7 after reinstalling again.
  13. Looks like it was A Windows 7 issue. I hooked it up to a laptop with Windows 10 and the update continued. Rebuilding presets now.
  14. I had the latest version of the updater 1.17. I clicked ok when boot failure came on. I waited for half an hour before I tried reinstalling everything.
  15. The updater does not detect the device now either.
  16. I followed the update directions exactly and it's stuck on boot failure. I've tried reinstalling HX Edit numerous times, changed USB ports, restarted the computer. No luck. Any other ideas?
  17. Yeah, the Diezel VH4. Omega Obsidian Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister Delux 40
  18. Schivosa

    Snapshot mode

    Is there any way to turn off edit preset mode using the footswitch? I keep entering edit preset mode when I am just trying to switch snapshots.
  19. Thanks. I checked and it was set to recall. I remade the snapshot and it seems to be working now.
  20. I added a wah block on snapshot 8. I only want it active when this snapshot is selected but it is active on all the other snapshots too. I can't get it to deactivate on other snapshots. Any Idea?
  21. Schivosa

    Lo fi filter

    Thanks! Which do you prefer?
  22. Schivosa

    Lo fi filter

    Does anyone know of a preset that gives an AM radio type effect or what should I use to get this effect?
  23. In Reaper, I made a bus track and I am sending two guitar tracks to it. The issue is that it centers both the tracks and I can't pan the guitars left and right. I am using Helix Native for the guitars. Any ideas? Thanks.
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