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  1. Can someone from line6 fix this customtone problem: I was looking for tones today and did the following: 1) Select hd500x from the main customtone page 2) Click on the Rating (link right side below Downloads) to sort highest ratings in descending order 3) First page sorts ok with the following url showing on the browser line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/?sort=rating&sort_dir=desc&family=&search_term= 4) Clicking on page 2 , or any page, it gets broken with the following url: line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/2/?sort=posted&sort_dir=desc&search_term= I found a work around to item 4 above by rewriting the url on the browser bar as follows: 1) replaced sort from posted to rating line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/2/?sort=rating&sort_dir=desc&search_term= 2) Manually change pages by changing the number from .../podhd500x/2/.. to .../podhd500x/3/... as in: line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/3/?sort=rating&sort_dir=desc&search_term= line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/4/?sort=rating&sort_dir=desc&search_term= line6.com/customtone/browse/podhd500x/5/?sort=rating&sort_dir=desc&search_term= Same deal with hd500 pages. Should be a simple fix. Thanks!!
  2. Received mine. Quality is top notch and arrived on time. Very flexible and 10x better than stock! Thanks!!!
  3. Nothing whatsoever (no ticket updates, no e-mails), I just received the guitar with two new very tiny blemishes. I'm really unhappy with them right now. I'm calling them up first thing monday. They listened to the same sound file I sent you / posted here and that's when they told me to ship it for repair. But it came back exactly the same way...
  4. Hi Folks, My JTV-69 just came back from repair and the neck middle position still has that tinny sound. I'm highly upset with the quality of work and now not only does it have a new tiny nick at the headstock but it has tiny new scratches on the body. Albeit the sound is still the same (sounds like it is out of phase with the switch position at Neck and Middle). I would appreciate some help if you folks can confirm that this is a problem/non-problem by listening to the attached MP3 file and comparing it to your jtv-69 WITHOUT the electronics (no LED lights on) The tinny sound is apparent at the second set of strums (1st is Neck, 2nd is Neck Middle), ... Thanks! variax issue.mp3
  5. Thanks Phil_m. I did open a ticket last Friday. Thanks for the excellent help!
  6. Hi phil_m, yes I do have a sample recording. I sent you a PM with the sound sample.
  7. Can someone assiist me by doing a quick check (not using the electronics) and compare Neck/Middile pos 2 and Neck/Bridge pos 4 ? I definitely notice it being very thin and weak as compared to other positions. Appreciate your feedback... .
  8. Thanks phil_m. I have an aerodyne strat and i just found the Jtv-69's more pronounced (as in tinny and weaker?). But from what i read somewhere else, for strats, positions 2 and 4 are just called "out-of-phase positions" but they are still physically wired in-phase. For position 4, (on a jtv-69) does one of the humbucker coils turn off? If so, wouldn't that make it have the same characterstics as position 2 (as in somewhat weaker)? I found position 4 to sound "normal" (imho). Just curious...
  9. Update July 5, 2012 - Can you scroll down to post number #11 below. Would like to ask for your help please.... Hi folks, is it me or do you find position 2 neck/middle sound somewhat tinny or even out of phase when using it withOUT the electronics? It's hooked up to a DT-25
  10. Thanks Karmicfreak. Is it possible to configure it as a stereo (sans fx loop)? I've tried direct before and stereo patches sound perfect. I"m just not sure with an amp having an L6 link and without an L6 link. Regards...
  11. Hi, i need some advice on setting up an hd500 to do stereo with a dt-25 and a fender acoustasonic amp. The dt-26 is hooked up to the hd500 with an L6 link. Would like to find out how to set up the other amp.
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