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  1. If anyone else comes across this same error, it seems to work perfectly fine when running POD Farm as a plugin. Only when running as a standalone do I get this error. No idea why, but will use it like this to avoid any dramas!
  2. Yup, guitar into UX, UX to laptop via USB and speakers hooked up to UX output. Oh really? Damn, that makes things harder. I have found an EQ type application, I was going to try and uninstall the Dell software but it doesn't even appear possible to do that.
  3. PF seems to work perfectly, although all ive used it for is live jamming. No recording or reamping. I've only tried it as the standalone, would running it as a plugin make a difference? I've only ever used POD farm like this. Actually, the iTunes bar just stops. If i try and play a song it stays at zero, but the play button changes to pause. Guitar pro plays through the tab but just makes no sound.
  4. I have set the playback device as the UX2. Which seems to be fine until I open POD Farm. I've turned the "USB Selective Suspend" feature off as it was turned on but the outcome was the same. I gave up on speaking with Line 6 haha. The emails just were going around in circles with no answers.
  5. Its a POD Studio UX2. Using PF 2.5 and all software/drivers up to date.
  6. Hey Everyone, I've been trying to get assistance out of Line 6 but it has been about as productive as asking a brick wall to sort out my drama's so I thought I'd give this a shot. Recently bought a new laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 7000) and for some reason whenever I open POD Farm all other audio is muted. I have the UX2 selected as the playback device and all audio plays through the device until I open POD Farm. As soon as I open the app all external audio stops and even if I hit play in iTunes or Guitar Pro there is silence. If I close POD Farm the audio cuts back in. I have looked through settings in POD Farm and can't seem to find anything. Never had this drama previously with an old crappy HP laptop. Basically just want to be able to jam to some songs whilst playing but it seems I can only have one audio source playing. I am using the Tone direct drivers and not ASIO4ALL. Have tried using ASIO4ALL but the audio doesn't come through as clear and seems like there is a higher latency. Anyone ever had this drama?