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  1. any Markbass for Bass, Randall satan, Randall warhead, Schecter Hellwin, Hughes and Kettner CoreBlade any Diezel (like the pod farm has - the Deity one), but HD,
  2. i think that charging 8 euros for several patches is a crime. but maybe it's just me...
  3. when i had pod xt pro, and i tried to load a preset with metal pack (i had no metal pack for pod x), the gearBox notified me on loading that the amp isn't available.
  4. i think that business-wise, it would be smart for L6 to create amazing patch pack for the HD amp mopdels. people would read about it in forums, and that would encourage more people to buy. it's not hard IMO. let's say that L6 will pay someone, just for the sake of the argument, $1000 for creating 50 presets. even if only 10 users will buy the hd amp pack because of the preset pack, L6 got their investment back.
  5. I don't get it. where's the Global EQ on pod hd500x edit? and on the POD when i click on "view" button i see only patch lists...
  6. ofirdr78

    Firmware 2.6

    They said End of March, they didn't say what year right? :-) actually, they said 2015, but they didn't say according to which calendar :-) :-) :-)
  7. I bought something like this: http://ak1.ostkcdn.com/images/products/7598316/Tripp-Lite-Power-It-Power-Strip-with-4-Outlets-and-10-ft.-Cord-7fef77c9-23ef-42ba-ba40-63fe62266529_600.jpg it's a 3 x socket multiplier with on/off button. what i dont like about it, is that i plug the multiplier to another multiplier (where the amp and computer are plugged in also)...
  8. Come on.. it's not that expensive to add a on/off button.
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