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  1. I expect the access point to be >1m away, so that's 10x the distances you're discussing. In this case, should I stick with RF2 or just go to RF1, wifi be damned?
  2. Thanks, but if I can't control the access point (likely), that really doesn't answer my question.
  3. The band is discussing a new setup this weekend at our outdoor gig where we are going to use wifi with our PreSonus mixer to enable iPad configuration from the crowd. I've seen a bunch of posts here about reducing dropouts by using RF1 mode, but it doesn't play well with wifi. In fact, most of the posts from Line6 almost unilaterally recommend switching to RF1. Depending on the orientation of the stage (which we don't control), I'll either be 40-50feet from the mixer/wifi or 10-15 feet. Would either pose problems? Recommendations? Is there anything I can do for the wifi setup to play nicer with the G90? -mike
  4. This thing is now basically an expensive paperweight since i can no longer sync with it to change any of the settings. Really disappointed with my purchase at this point.
  5. Argh, now the next time that I restart the AmpliFi app, it's stuck again on "syncing". So re-pairing the device did absolutely nothing. Very frustrated.
  6. Running latest firmware, both iOS8 and iOS9 on my iPadAir. Bluetooth performance is terrible. Can't use as a speaker or as a practice tool because it frequently drops out. I have re-paired my iPad, that doesn't help. The app streaming audio doesn't matter either, they all do it. Very frustrated with this purchase. -mike
  7. Same issue here. Can't edit anything before it loses connection.
  8. Welp, spoke too soon. Device immediately disconnected. It still plays BT audio, but I can't edit patches or configure the device. -mike
  9. I had to press the button on the device and re-pair it. Now it seems to be working again. Still getting drops with bt audio, however. Sigh.
  10. Mine is stuck on "syncing" and never completes.
  11. Amplifi75 was working fine with ios8, now on iOS9 the latest app no longer crashes (yay), but it is stuck on "syncing" and never completes. I can't edit patches or make any changes. How do I forget the device in the new UI? I can't find any way to do that. -mike
  12. Not true. The iPad Mini4 is already shipping, and it comes with iOS9 on it. We have several at the office. So......
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