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  1. I am having a problem with my Amplifi 150 cutting off sustain of my G string some, my B string more and my high E string even more. The top 3 strings seem to sustain forever, but the lower 3 strings as they fade in volume digitally cut off. One second they are fading out, then next they cut off all together. Is there a filter I'm missing that I can tweak to get the same sustain from all strings? I've tried everything I can think of to test, but nothing seems to make a difference. Thanx!
  2. You've probably tried it by now, but just in case, I have a Kat drumpad running into my Amplifi 150 and it works great. I actually have it running into a Voicelive3 into a small mixer and that into the amp, but either way, the sound coming out of the amp is awesome.
  3. I've noticed sometimes mine is grayed out and sometimes, even when it's lit up, I can't select it and have the tone moved to the amp. Although, closingthe app and restarting it always seems to fix it and lets me then move my tome to the haradware. Might try that to see if it fixes your grayed out problem.
  4. ibrewalot

    75 Or 150?

    I tried both at the local GC...the 75 is what I really wanted based on the sheer size and weight, but the sound was far less full than the 150. I chalked it up to the 8" vs the 12" and went with the 150. Very happy!
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