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  1. dbouvet

    Switching banks with the IOS Amplifi App

    My conclusion so far is that selling the Amplifi as an amp offering 25 banks of 4 presets each is completely misleading. The truth is that the Amplifi offers 1 bank of 4 presets and that the remote app provides access to 96 additional presets. Nothing less but nothing more. I would appreciate a reaction to this statement from some Line6 representative...
  2. I use an FBV Express Mark II with an Amplifi 75. Switching from Volume to Wajh is quite a mess, I feel unable to do it on the fly when I need it. Would buying an expression pedal EX-1 be interesting ? Would it enable me to pilot volume and wah separately ? Would it add any additional functionality to the FBV Express ?
  3. dbouvet

    iPhone 6S Amplifi app will not connect to Amplifi

    Make sure you have the latest firmware on your Amplifi. I faced this issue with my new iPhone 6s and the problem disappeared once I updated the firmware.
  4. dbouvet

    Switching banks with the IOS Amplifi App

    Thia is exactly what I feared. I must admit that I am overall disappointed by this amp. The idea is bright but it is worth only its rather low cost. Thanks again.
  5. dbouvet

    Switching banks with the IOS Amplifi App

    I do not confuse the functionality of the amp, the footboard and the app. "The app lets you switch between any bank and preset by just selecting the preset in the app" This is only half true ; the app allows to select any of the 100 presets and to play it but this does not result in a "hardware" bank switch. In fact the app does not deal at all with the concept of bank. Let us suppose that we are on preset A of bank 1. If the app were really switching banks, then after selecting for instance the preset B of bank seven, pressing the tone button of the amp would give access to preset C of bank seven instead of preset B of bank 1. Anyway this is not a big problem for a hobbyist like me who uses the amp only at home. This would be one for someone using it on stage and then the shortboard MKII would of course be the right solution for bank switching on the fly. Anyway I thank you very much for your precious help. Without it I would have spent much time looking for a functionality that does not exist.
  6. dbouvet

    Switching banks with the IOS Amplifi App

    Not exactly. The app obviously does more than the Shortboard pedal but it does less in terms of bank switching. In fact the app deals with presets but not with banks. I was expecting to be able to select in a very simple way a bank in the app (let us say through up and down buttons) and then to be able to switch through the four presets of this bank by using the Amplifi buttons or a Express MKII pedal. I am disappointed that this is not the case.
  7. dbouvet

    Switching banks with the IOS Amplifi App

    I agree with you but this means anyway that the Remote app is not able to do what the the Shortboard MKII can do.
  8. dbouvet

    Switching banks with the IOS Amplifi App

    Thanks again. That is exactly what I saw and this means in fact that you cannot switch from one bank to another with the app. The only thing that you do is to select a preset (but not a bank) and that does not affect what is available from the hardware itself which is only bank 1. This means that, if you want to use specific presets without being connected to an IOS device, you have to override those stored in Bank 1. This is an incredible limitation or a marketing strategy to make you buy a FBV Shortboard MKII which is almost as expensive as the Amplifi 75 ! So, in order to be able to use my FBV Express MKII, I will copy the presets of bank 1 into bank 25 in order to save them and then store 4 of my own tones into Bank 1. This will enable me to footswitch on the fly while playing, without needing to use the app. But this means that I have in fact an amplifier offering 4 presets but not 100 presets.
  9. dbouvet

    Switching banks with the IOS Amplifi App

    Thanks Jaguar9080 My question is not about switching with a pedal. I know that I can't switch with the FBV Express Pedal. My question is about bank switching within the iPad application. I suppose that this should be done from the attached screen but I do not see how. Please, can you tell be in detail how I can switch from Bank 1 to Bank 4 ?
  10. dbouvet

    Switching banks with the IOS Amplifi App

    I suppose that the screen in the menu that shows all of the presets is the AMPLIFI 75 menu item. It shows all the banks but does not offer any way to switch from one bank to another. The only thing i can do is to select one of the 100 presets in order to try it but this does not result in any bank switch, the choice is not reflected on my Express pedal and if I press any other switch of the pedal or the tone button of the amplifier, then it comes back to the corresponding preset of bank 1.
  11. The lack of any manual for the IOS app makes it quite difficult for new users to discover it. I can see now that I have 100 presets organized in 15 banks of 4 on my Amplifi 75. How do I switch from one bank to another using the app? Is there a quicker solution than selecting 4 prestes one by one and saving them one by one on the hardware ?