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  1. Yep...It's not a's a feature :-P
  2. Hi and thanks for the answer. That feature was enabled in 2.80 and the issue is that if you do not press the encoder quickly enough it will seem like the model list is not opening leading some to believe either that the update has a bug or their encoder has failed. I actually sent my helix to line 6 to help resolve this issue, changing the behavior will not resolve this that just changes it so that if I want the model list I need to press and hold which I do not want to do, what resolved it is knowing to pressing the encoder quickly to open the model list or slowly and hold to scroll. The tech at Line 6 that I was working with said that "internally" they requested that the engineers make it so that you can turn off the press and hold behavior, which is what I would want to go back to the way it behaved before the update now that I know to press the encoder quickly it's not so much an issue. Thanks Ray
  3. All, I just wanted to pass on some info, the reason for this behavior is that they added a feature where you press and hold the encoder and turn it to scroll through the signal chain. You now have to press the encoder quickly and it will work correctly. I was told by a tech that they may be adding a way to turn that feature off. Hope this helps. Ray
  4. Mine is doing this as well, seems intermittent. Sounds like something that will have to be fixed in version 2.81
  5. I received my PowerCab Plus Saturday and I'm finding I really like the 6 speaker emulations for that "Amp in the room" experience. I played around with the Alure IR's and they sounded great as well, I'm looking forward to loading my 3 Sigma & Celestion IR's. I was on the fence before purchasing the PowerCab Plus but I'm glad I did now.
  6. Thanks for the response, I'll have to try setting my helix to full output and adjust the volume via the Powercab. And I'll also have to experiment with angling the cab and getting it off the floor as I had the coupling issue with the StageSource sitting directly on the floor in the past...probably the reason they put a bass cut switch on the back of the Powercab :-P Thanks again
  7. So I received my Powercab Plus Saturday and wanted to share a few things I've seen. 1) The cabinet seems very bass heavy, possibly something Line 6 can fix with a future firmware update, right out of the box I turned on the global bass cut on the back of the cabinet, everything sounded much better at that point, it cuts the bass by 80hz or something to that effect. 2) Output of the Flat preset seems to be fairly quiet compared to loaded IR's, go into the settings whether on the interface of the plus or via the powercab edit app and increase the level of the Flat preset to it's maximum +6.0db, again maybe this is something Line 6 can address via a firmware update as this setting seems comparatively quiet compared to the loaded IR's which all have their levels cut by something like 14.0db and when increased this thing get's pretty loud. 3) Run the cab at full output and adjust the volume via your modeler, also you may have to adjust the output of your patches to get a desirable volume level, I've been able to run it this way without getting a clipping warning from the input light on the cabinet. I haven't tried my 3 Sigma or Celestion IR's but I would imagine I'll find similar results in level as the pre loaded IR's, this thing seems to be aimed at IR use or like I said maybe it just needs a few firmware updates before it see's it's full potential. I hope this helps and if you have any suggestions please respond as I'm trying to figure it out as well :-)
  8. Cool thanks for the response.
  9. I've pre-ordered the plus for my Line 6 Helix. I know the master volume of the powercab can be controlled via midi cc, but can it also be controlled via line 6 link in a patch?
  10. Volume Knob issue after updating to FW 2.20 After applying the update and resetting everything the main volume know doesn't work correctly. As you turn it up it makes jumps in volume rather than gradually increasing the volume as before. Has anyone else noticed this? Update...Never Mind, just read it's one of the known issues, sorry guys. :P
  11. I am using a Line 6 Helix with my JP-2C, when I use it to send CC messages to change individual features on the amp it works perfectly. I've done a factory reset of the helix to make sure that all of my previous CC messages aren't conflicting with the program bank changes I am trying to make and started from scratch with a blank Helix preset. When I try to program it to access any of the factory presets it doesn't change to the program I am expecting. The Helix has some parameters in it I am not sure how they correspond to the control of the JP-2C as follows: Knob Parameter Description 2 MIDI Ch Sets the Bank/Program message's MIDI channel (1-16). When set to "Base", Helix follows the Global MIDI channel, which is set from the "Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo" page. 3 Bank CC00 Sets the CC#00 (Bank MSB) value. Select "Off" if the receiving device shouldn't respond to Bank MSB. 4 Bank CC32 Sets the CC#32 (Bank LSB) value. Select "Off" if the receiving device shouldn't respond to Bank LSB. 5 Program Sets the Program Change (PC) value. Select "Off" if you only want to send a Bank MSB and/or Bank LSB message. So an example of what I've tried is to send a program change for the clean channel on bank 1 Knob Parameter Description 2 MIDI Ch Set to 1 3 Bank CC00 Set to 0 4 Bank CC32 Set to off 5 Program Set to 1 or 16 etc. An example of what I've tried is to send a program change for the crunch channel on bank 1 Knob Parameter Description 2 MIDI Ch Set to 1 3 Bank CC00 Set to 0 4 Bank CC32 Set to off 5 Program Set to 7 or 22 etc. Update 1/24/16: So when I set as follows, I am one number off on the program change i.e. selecting program change 19 on the Helix executes program change 20 on the JP-2C, is this because the JP-2C programs go from 1-127 and the Helix program value goes from 0-128? Knob Parameter Description 2 MIDI Ch Set to 1 3 Bank CC00 Set to 0 4 Bank CC32 Set to 0 5 Program Set to 7 or 22 etc. Any guidance would be appreciated. Ray
  12. ak4ray

    Using Helix Live

    I performed a set with a band using the Helix and the StageSource L2M. It was plenty loud and for the first time in years the sound man didn't hate me :-P It worked great.
  13. I have an Amplifi 30 and was wondering if the FBV 3 is compatible with the Amplifi 30?
  14. ak4ray

    Helix routing

    Awesome just what I was hoping for...count me in :D
  15. ak4ray

    Helix routing

    Hi So is it possible to turn off amp modeling and do a scenario as follows. 1 - Guitar in with dynamics/distortion/Pitch Shift effects going out to the front end of amp. 2 - Effects send from Amp to helix through Chorus/Delay/Reverb to effects Return of amp. I.E will Helix act as any other pedalboard setup?
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