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  1. HELIX 2.80 Same problems here with internal Expression Pedal.
  2. Just for information, I still have the problem with the Copy/paste Preset containing snapshots values on Variax. When copy/paste a preset from a setlist to another one or inside the same setlist, the Variax values of Volume and Tone knob affected to snapshot are not pasted correctly. After the paste I have Volume knob set to 0.5 and Tone knob set to "Don't force" in the helix editor and in th Helix I have Volume knob set to 0.5 and Tone knob set to 0.0 ??? I have open a support ticket, hope they will reproduce the issue.
  3. In fact after having quit Helix editor and start it again, I did the same copy/paste and now it works .... strange behaviour of the Helix editor.
  4. Hi All, Using Helix Editor 2.11 with FW 2.12, when I copy/paste a preset from a setlist to another one or within a same setlist, the snapshot values of the Variax are not copied. For example, I have a preset with 3 snapshots, each snapshot have a different Volume and Tone Knob value in my original preset whereas in the copied preset the values of the 3 snapshots are set to 0.0. Does anyone reproduce it ?
  5. ge31

    Snapshot Preference

    Thanks Uber, that's clear now.
  6. ge31

    Snapshot Preference

    Hi All, I don't understand in the Helix manual what "When set to "Auto Return," Helix returns to the previous footswitch mode after selecting a snapshot." mean. which "Previous footswitch mode" does mean ? Thanks for your help
  7. ge31

    v2.12 Observations

    Hummmm..... very strange here. I've update to 2.12 this week end and no problem with my preset using Variax model. As usual after each update the only thing I do, is the global reset and then set again Variax as "Preset" and not "Global".
  8. ge31

    Amp list Helix 2.12

    Hi all, Do you know where I could find an updated list of all available amp model from 2.11 firmware ? A list with the corresponding modelling real amp . Thanks
  9. Hi bruceleemani, I've got the same problem but more than 6 month after I receive the Helix, I send it back to my seller "Gear4music" that take in charge the fixing with Line6. I've got my Helix back 2 weeks after with the defect screen replaced. Every thing working perfectly.
  10. It cost me 9.99€ for the delivery with DHL and the the package is arrived today in UK :-)
  11. Hi All, After 8 month of good service, my Helix has got its first issue ;-(, a vertical line of dead pixel on the scribble strips of the footswitch 9, fortunately my Helix is under warranty. Gear4Music takes it in charge and send it to line6 UK for fixing. Attached some pictures. Hope it won't take too long to get it back ...
  12. I would like to know the excat value cause I have made an external LED VU-meter that has two input level (Low, High) and whatever the input I select, it is very difficulte to set the variable resistor on the input to define the 0dB on the VU-meter. I think I have to change the variable resistor range but would like to know the output impedance of the Helix to determine the good input impedance of my VU-meter.
  13. Hi All, Does anyone know what is the Helix XLR output impedance ? Thanks
  14. Hi, Does anybody know if it is possible to control the digital output from Variax knob ? That will be very usefull to control my feedback connected to the L6LINK of the Helix. Thanks GE
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