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  1. yeah it's a bit pricey but that is pretty on par with what other high quality FRFR cabs are going for. Plus you are getting 6 modeled speakers plus the flat response and raw speaker modes. I do wonder how this will work if I was modeling a bass rig? I don't see why you could plug a regular amp into this since it seems like it can be used with a Kemper (is that a curse word on this forum?).
  2. Definitely a good point. Disclaimer before I continue, I don't have a helix yet so I'm still in the research phase and seeing what I could do. I have the HD500 right now but I run into DSP limit problems cuz I want to do a lot with it that i just can't lol. I'm actually really happy with the amp, drives, delays, and verbs on the POD so they are only going to be better on the Helix and the external pedals won't be those. I really like the sound of the POG and B9 which I have not heard done on the POD or the Helix so I think adding that to the Helix would be great and frees up DSP. I've taken a liking as well to a couple of Chase Bliss Audio modulation pedals that sound pretty cool and not sure if the Helix could do the same. Granted I have not really experimented (on my POD) so I really don't know if that could be done. Another thought was if there some preamp or compressor pedals I like that could compliment the Helix. My first purchase will be the Helix so all this extra stuff will be a couple of years down the road so who knows what will happen then but I also think what if I want to test a couple of pedals to the chain and I have something that I can AB them and have them go through the Helix and see what happens.
  3. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has had experience and/or would know the answer to this example I'm going to give or if it would even work? Theoretically it makes sense but I could be wrong. Say you had 6 analog pedals, that you could not live without, that you want to add to the Helix FX loops. The Helix only has 4 spots to use so you would need to use 2 ABY pedals that you can hook 4 of the pedals and route them to two of the Helix FX blocks. But to save some space and more tap dancing you get a 5 channel true-bypass looper to loop 4 of the analog pedals and use one of the loopers fx send and return to and from the helix to split the pedals up. I'm not entirely familiar with loopers to know if they run in series so that you can have loops 1 & 2 be sent from Loop 3 to the helix and back and then run two more pedals to the next helix block or if you need a dedicated in/out jack in the middle of the looper. Here is how I'm picturing it, to hopefully make more sense. You have 2 pedals in Helix FX blocks 1 & 2 You have 4 pedals through a 5 Channel True-Bypass Looper to Helix FX blocks 3 & 4. Here's how that would route Helix FX 3 Send > In to Looper > Loop FX 1 Send > Pedal 1 > Loop FX 1 Rtrn > Loop FX 2 Send > Pedal 2 > Loop FX 2 Rtrn > Loop FX 3 Send > Helix FX 3 Rtrn > Helix FX 4 Send > Loop FX 3 Rtrn > Loop FX 4 Send > Pedal 3 > Loop FX 4 Rtrn > Loop FX 5 Send > Pedal 4 > Loop FX 5 Rtrn > Loop Out > Helix FX 4 Rtrn On top of that, if the looper had a midi port so that I could essentially use a preset and snapshots on the helix to turn on/off pedals on the looper that goes into the helix fx blocks. I appreciate any thoughts people have on this.
  4. Hey all! I'm having trouble getting rid of the buzzing noise coming from my POD into my new Focusrite 2i4 interface. The buzzing only seems to happen when my guitar is plugged into the POD and goes from the POD into the interface. Here is what I've done so far... - The POD power cable was plugged into a separate outlet, then I plugged it into the same power strip I have my computer and monitor plugged into. No change. - Plugged my guitar and bass (separately) to Guitar Input > L/Mono 1/4 inch cable output into interface. No change. - Tried different combinations of cables. No change. - I have no external speaker monitors so the interface is plugged into my computer via USB and I have my studio headphones plugged in - Guitar In switch is set to Normal (no change when switched to Pad) - XLR switch is set to ground (no change when switched to Lift) - 1/4" Out set to Line (no change when switched to Amp) - The only time the buzzing noise goes away is if I plug my guitar or bass directly into the interface via 1/4" cable or I have nothing plugged into the interface except my headphones to listen to the audio. Any other troubleshooting techniques I should try out?
  5. Makes sense. Thanks everyone for your input!
  6. Hey all! I couldn't find this info anywhere so I was curious if anyone has had experience with this or knew how to do this. I am interested in getting a K&K Trinity Mini Solo dual pickup system which would not include the preamp. I want to treat my POD HD500X as the preamp but still be able to control both the mic and the transducer signals separately but still only using the single guitar input. Does anyone how I could do this? I know it somehow splits both pickups when using the K&K preamp but I don't know if it automatically recognizes that it's two pickups from a single output. Signal chain would be..... Trinity pickups > single guitar output > HD500X guitar input > split mic and transducer signal (A and B signals) > stereo out. Hope my question makes sense. Thanks
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