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  1. Perfect Thanks for this been looking for a Helix LT bag thats cheap just to move it around
  2. Hey thanks for the suggestions. I tried different leads and they all have the same result. As the THR10 has the option to use batteries i gave that a go to as that would tell me if it was a grounding issue. put the batteries in problem goes away... now I dont want to use batteries to use my THR10 as a speaker all the time so ideally ill find something. Im in the UK so there is no Humx type thing as far as i can see :( thinking about giving this a go between the helix and thr10 (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Behringer-MICROHD-Hum-Destroyer-HD400/dp/B000KUD2G4/ref=sr_1_sc_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493754122&sr=8-1-spell&keywords=hum+eleminator) Any way thanks for the tips making some progress :)
  3. I dont have any dimming LED lights in the house dont think they are CFL bulbs, but if that was the case id expect a bit of buzz this is quite a lot high pitched very noticeable. So both are plugged into a belkin surge protected mult plug. The yamaha has no buzzing when i unplug the Helix from it.... Oh yea and im firmware version 2.210 if that helps thanks for the help btw :)
  4. Hey just bought a Helix LT today... its awesome but... when i use the 1/4†OUT mono into my Yamaha thr10 (flat mode) i get a loud buzzing sound even when i have the master volume at nothing so should be no sound. I have tried the ground switch on the Helix and it does nothing. Had a look at the settings and didnt see anything that may account for this. Like to point out with headphones I dont get this its totally clean. Is the 1/4†OUT on my helix broken or have i got a setting wrong? Thanks!
  5. Awesome thanks :D better get saving!
  6. Hi I have a question... so i like to jam along to youtube videos and spotify etc now and again. As there is no No Aux In, can you get audio from your PC via the USB? So using the Helix as an audio interface? Thanks!
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