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  1. I do this myself - run a pair of Auxes to the house system, so I think it's a great answer to what you're needing to do. However, in your case, ceiling speakers are a monaural system, NOT STEREO. So a single Aux send is really all you need. It's nice to have separate EQ for that output, to compensate for any weirdness in the house PA.
  2. Phenomenal job, guys! Big thumbs up! Love the quick work-flow with the faders, and the ease of switching between trim, pan and fx sends. Verrrrrrry nice! Now if we could choose to mute the fx sends rather than the returns I'd be fully there. Someday.
  3. I also have an idea for muting the FX sends. I've set up two identical scenes right next to each other, but one has zero level on the FX sends while the other has the normal amount on the FX sends. Singer hits last big note - reverb swells - I hit the footswitch to select next preset - reverb output continues to decay while receiving no more input, so before the tail is done the singer can say, "Thank you!" Next song starts I hit 2nd footswitch to select previous preset.
  4. UPDATE!!! I solved my 2nd issue in the original post! I was having trouble getting to the Plate and/or Hall pages fast enough during a show. SOLUTION - iPad stays open to the Plate and it's a quick jump to the Hall. M20d screen can be anywhere I want while iPad screen can be somewhere else. Voila! Quicker access to stuff.
  5. Hi gang! I've had my M20d for a few months now and love it! Sound quality is great, effects very nice, eq is excellent, feedback suppression has worked fairly well and it's indeed getting easier and easier to get around on it quickly. I run live sound for small acts - mostly 1 or 2 singers with backing tracks on a laptop or an iPod - so my needs are small, but quality is my primary focus, and the StageScape is QUALITY sound. However, I have one or two ideas for an easier way to run live sound from it. 1) Effects control in a live show. I use only 2 or 3 different effects during a show - delay, plate reverb and hall reverb. The ballads get the hall, faster songs get the plate and specialty songs (50s or Elvis type song) get the slapback delay. In a typical show setting the singer holds his big last note and I crank the reverb, swelling to a crescendo. Song ends, applause begins and singer says "Thank you". If you mute the reverb output too soon you cut off the tail, if you mute too late his "thank you" is drenched with reverb. I have a grouped knob for the effects so I can change the output of the verb quickly or mute it on the screen, but same prob. MY IDEA IS TO BE ABLE TO MUTE THE FX SENDS INSTEAD OF THE OUTPUTS. EASY, ELEGANT AND BETTER. NO MORE CUT OFF TAILS - NO MORE THANK YOUS FROM INSIDE A HUGE CAVERN. MAKE THE FOOTSWITCH ASSIGNABLE TO MUTE ALL FX SENDS INSTEAD OF RETURNS. OR ALLOW CREATION OF AN AUX SEND MASTER AS A GROUPED KNOB, THUS THE MUTE WOULD MUTE THE SEND RATHER THAN THE OUTPUT. 2) Getting to the FX page to chage the reverb decay or delay time takes too long. Now I have to hit tweak for the mic input, slide up until I see Global FX, hit the FX button I want to change and change it. In a live show setting I'm changing this stuff minute by minute. Same problem with EQ - ballad may need more presence at the beginning, drop the highs and add a touch of low end during the belted out high notes. MY IDEA IS MAKE A WAY TO JUMP RIGHT FROM THE PERFORM PAGE TO ANY PAGE YOU WISH BY DOUBLE CLICKING A KNOB. MY GROUPED "PLATE" KNOB AND GROUPED "HALL" KNOB FOR INSTANCE COULD IMMEDIATELY BRING UP THE PLATE OR HALL PARAMETER PAGE. A KNOB CONTROLLING THE VOLUME OF A MIC COULD BE ASSIGNED TO JUMP TO ANY PAGE I WISHED WHEN DOUBLE CLICKED, RATHER THAN THE GENERAL TWEAK PAGE. Perhaps some of these pages can be left open on an iPad so I can get to them immediately without having to dig thru menus and such, but I haven't gotten an iPad yet to find out. Thanks for your time! Steve Cruz Florida
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