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  1. Well that stinks! Do you know if there are any future plans to make this happen?
  2. Does anyone know for sure if the Variax will operate Workbench HD through Helix yet? I purchased a used JTV-59 but it did not come with the interface. Thanks!
  3. What's the status on this? I just purchased a used JTV-59 that did not come with the USB interface. Thanks.
  4. I just purchased clear lexan that is 3/16" (better protection) on eBay for $4.00 just had to make one clean cut with a utility knife and presto. Just use black tape around the edges to the helix chassis. I got enough material to make 3 pieces.
  5. Buy it. If you don't like return it. Most places give you 30-45 days on their return policy.
  6. I love my Kemper & Kemper Remote! I do have the Helix on order and it will be used with my Friedman.
  7. Got mine ordered. Should work very well with my Friedman!
  8. Fretburner

    Tape Echo

    Hmmmmm I sold my STRYMON pedals to fund the Helix and downscale the huge board I had. Fingers crossed on the delay sounds.
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