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  1. I have my kb37 set up to where when plugged into my pc the internal pc sound card is shut off and replaced by my Kb37 because I have it set to Kb37 Default Sound Card.
  2. Hey guys, So i've had problems with my kb37 ever since I got it. First random shut downs then drop out of sounds with the guitar etc. To no avail i fixed them and so forth. This one i just cannot seem to make go away. Any time im playing recording or jamming or What ever! My Kb37 Kind of "Crashes" The sound of my guitar etc does not crash i can still hear my guitar if i play but it kind of freezes my computer and puts it in a state to where if i even try to play a video it will not play back the video or sound. I can open up Itunes and it will freeze my Itunes. I will thus try to shut down and will get Waiting for Windows to shut down Waiting for Log off sound to be played Making me have to hold down my power button to cut my pc off.
  3. I did what you said and had a 2% process untill I opened podfarm and it shot up t around 30-40% although that still shouldnt be a problem i dont understand.
  4. Sorry it took me a while to get back to you guys im also having another problem if you check out my otther post. Im using a laptop Toshiba Satellite c675 with windows 7 ive never had a problem before with this. Please check out my other post.
  5. So yesterday everything was working fine or rather this morning around 2am EST Now it is around 4pm est and i plugged up my guitar i usually ALWAYS keep my kb37 plugged into my laptop and never have had a problem I noticed my guitar was making a poping sound automaticly thinking it was the wires in the input where you connect the wire to your guitar i unscrewed it and checked it out. Unsure i put it all back together and tried another guitar and it did the same thing. So i thought it was the wires i have 3 wires and tried all 3 and the same thing happened for everything knowing it couldnt be the wires as 2 of the wires I Have never used with the Kb37 or never touched since i got them there could be nothing wrong with them as one of them was fairly new When playing i experience a popping or click noise every few seconds, then a drop out of sound like it had lost connection to my pc but it didn't. Clip lights never flashed or turned on. I assume its either the pod of my pc. my pc is going through some issues right now thinking that it could be the case but im not sure. *Issues with pc include ***stuck on "Waiting for page ()" sometimes having to shut down*** now also note that this does not happen when i use my kb37 as a sound card for my pc to say listen to music with speaker monitors i do not have drop outs. Only while using my guitar and PODfarm2 *Edit I've notice through songs i can hear the same pop sound but no drop outs.
  6. This defect happens, well regularly. I will be jamming or listening to some music cause I do like to use my line 6 to plug up to some speakers, and just jam to songs. Now, once in a while it will basicly "shut down" the led lights for the clip dont flash and the meters still glow but do not recognize input sound. So once i unplug it from my pc and plug it back in the clip lights flash back and forth. Once this happens any other usb device such as a mouse etc will shut down as well. so im wondering is it the drivers? because it says its all updated and im not sure its really annoying.
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