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  1. Just ran into this problem myself. It happens (so far) only when I have Stomp connected to HX Edit on my MacBook. Occasionally when I go to select a new preset in HX Edit - suddenly no sound will output. Although the Stomp appears to be working as normal - I can change menus, settings, etc. Just no sound. Only thing that “fixes” it is to turn the Stomp off and then back on. I’ve submitted a ticket with Line 6.
  2. Fireproof


    Good idea. Let's get a few youtube videos posted. Would love to see both sides - if people are seeing "jumpy-ness" like I am, and if it looks different for phil_m when he is using it.
  3. Fireproof

    "Rules of Thumb" and Tips for Creating New Presets

    Love all the replies guys. Some common themes, some different approaches. But all helpful to me as I continue to find my way with the Helix. Much appreciated - keep 'em coming!
  4. Fireproof


    I hear ya - and I wasn't implying in my post that the Boss was more accurate. That's awesome that the helix tuning engine can detect to +/- 0.1 cents. BUT, respectfully, that level of precision does no good if it's too jumpy for the user to land on the note. To me (my opinion), precision does not equal accuracy if in the real world, users can't take advantage of that precision in a typical use case (between songs, on stage, for example). No one is asking for more precision (either detection of +/- 0.1 cents or display of +/- 1 cent), that I can see. We want it to be able to lock in more readily and stay locked in. And the fact that this apparently keeps coming up from enough users, says there's room for improvement. IMHO. I've had my say (several times at this point, lol) - so I'll bow out and not contribute to beating the dead horse any longer. I respect everyone's opinions - and Phil_M - thanks for yours. The fact that you find it acceptable is great, and encourages me to continue to work with it and try various ways to make it work for me. (But I'll still hold out hope for some software improvements). Rock on folks!
  5. Fireproof


    This is just an unacceptable solution to me. The purpose of the Helix (for many of us) is to rid ourselves of multiple pedals and simplify to one "do-it-all" board. I shouldn't have to now go buy a tuning pedal to put in front of it. I don't expect it to be "the best tuner evaaaaa" since it's not a stand-alone purpose-made tuner, BUT I do expect it to be reasonably accurate and user friendly. From all the reports I've seen - it's currently not those things. And in my opinion, it's certainly not. Yet. I think they can get there ... and should!
  6. Fireproof

    Patch output matching

    Thanks for the tips. I have a mixer and daw and can certainly use the meter for visual leveling. I just didn't know if people recommended using the cab level or output block level. Or trying to use one before the other. Etc. Thanks for the input.
  7. Fireproof


    Ha - no, I'm new here. But I guess I can see your point. BUT - I have used a lot of tuners, and built-in tuners in various modeling devices, and I don't *think* it needs to be that erratic to be reactive and precise. I could be wrong though. Wouldn't be the first time.
  8. Fireproof


    I suspect if the Tuner were improved, then people who are happy with it currently, would be even more delighted with it. Are people really going to complain and say "hey - I preferred it jumpier - put it back!!" No, they'd likely say "I made do with it before, but this is actually really nice." Or maybe they'd even say "I didn't realize how much it needed improving..." I agree. As elegant as everything else is with the Helix, it's a bummer about the tuner.
  9. Fireproof


    Is there an IdeaScale submitted for the Tuner? LOL.
  10. Fireproof

    Patch output matching

    Yes - I too would like to know the best method to adjust output levels without coloring the tone or reducing / increasing gain, etc.
  11. Fireproof

    "Rules of Thumb" and Tips for Creating New Presets

    Oh that's a good point. Since I started this thread (and am looking for all the help I can get) I'll post what I'm using and looking for. Guitars: - 90% of the time it's one of my Gibson Les Paul Standards. One's a 2012 and one's a 2016. Both stock pickups. - The rest of the time it's an ESP LTD with EMG pickups for when I want to play metal / 80s hairband stuff, or want to play around with the Floyd. But assume a basic Les Paul for anything - and my initial patches I'm creating are designed for that guitar until I get the hang of things. Music: - Classic rock (Zeppelin, Who, AC/DC, Cream, ZZ Top, etc - the usual suspects). - Blues - 90s rock (Toadies, Silverchair, Candlebox, etc) - plus anything guitar/riff-driven (White Stripes, Black Keys, etc) So nothing complicated. Later on I may play with some song-specific patches, but right now just keeping it simple and looking to set up some good Blues to Blues-Rock to Hard Rock presets as a foundation to grow from. I'm good starting off with a basic Marshall amp and picking a cab. But when I start looking at Sag and Bias, and then see people talking about different Mics and DISTANCE between Mic and Cab, and I haven't even thought about overdrive, compression, reverb and all those settings - my head starts to explode. LOL. That's why I thought "surely there's some basic starting places." The tips have been valuable so far, so keep them coming. Thanks.
  12. Fireproof

    "Rules of Thumb" and Tips for Creating New Presets

    Wow - thanks for the detailed replies already guys! Love it and already learned a few things I didn't know or didn't think about. Certainly good to know about EQ per preset, versus Global. Makes a lot of sense. I do know generally about Amps/Cabs, and which ones my "heros" played. And I also know which FX you tend to put before the amp, and which after, etc. So I'm getting there. But advanced "EQing", I'm still learning about. And don't know if I need to be messing with the advanced settings of the amps, like Sag and Bias. So keep the advice coming!!
  13. Hey folks, I'm a "modeling newbie" and looking for some rules of thumb and tips for creating presets from scratch. I think it could be helpful to other newbies, as well as not-so-newbies, to hear how other people tweak their settings to get good tones. For example, I'm thinking of things like: - change the input guitar pad to "on" to minimize fizz - enable global EQ and set the low cut to XXX and the high cut to YYY as a starting place for most FRFR. Set them to AAA and BBB for guitar cabs. - when using any of the marshal amps, do such and such - etc. So basically, if you were either creating a template, or starting a preset from scratch, what are the things you would always do to get set your foundation. (Not to exclude global settings, of course). I'm just still a bit overwhelmed when starting from scratch, but really want to learn how to do this well.
  14. Fireproof

    A couple quick Helix LT questions

    You guys are great. Don't know how I missed those threads in my search. And I'll definitely check out my USB key that came with my unit. Too much in a hurry to plug in the guitar, I guess. Ha ha.
  15. Fireproof

    Looper, amp selection, and what I know now.

    Wow - thanks for sharing. I had not read that tip about the loop - that's pretty genius. I may have to give that a try!