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  1. When I move an effect block in HX Edit, the HX Stomp audio output cuts out and I must restart the Stomp to restore. Both Stomp and HX Edit are the latest version. Is this a known issue/bug? Any help?
  2. Would you be able to explain how you configure TouchOSC to toggle the HXStomp Tuner? I have a toggle with Touch cc# 68, value 0 and 127 but it will only flash the tuner up when I touch and then it disappears.
  3. Please Mr. MooseTaylor, Can you explain the control setting for the tuner control? For the life of me I cannot get TouchOSC to toggle the Stomp Tuner On and stay on and then toggle it back off again. Any help is much appreciated!
  4. How about vocal mic? Any idea how to use this as a guitar and vocal combo? It's full range but why not a mic input? Which input and adapter needed?
  5. I realize many people don't give a crap about the looper but for those of us that really do want an all-in-one live looping capable solution, could someone in the know at Line 6 PLEASE advise if it is or is not technically possible for Line 6 to enhance the looper with midi clock sync via firmware update? The forthcoming update adds this for time based effects which is great but says nothing about the looper. Just want to know if I should forget about it ever happening. Secondarily, if it will never happen, I'd also like to know if it is or not technically possible to at least firmware enhance the looper controls to control an external looper that IS capable of midi sync.. Thanks in advance for a true technical ruling on EACH of these so I can move on or keep waiting in the hopes that it's just a matter of prioritization for these features.
  6. Thanks Joe, I'm familiar with Visio but was wondering if you used something a little lighter, simplified and specialized for music gear. No worries. I'll make do. Thanks!!! Aside from the software question - the other one still stands. Anyone else have experience to share with the combo of gear through Helix, Voicelive (for vocals & clocked synced looper), GR-55, Beatbuddy & L2Ts??
  7. Could you please let me know what you used to create your diagrams? I have a Helix, Voicelive 3, GR-55, Beatbuddy and 2 L2Ts and I would like to memorialize and share how I've been able to (I think optimally) connect and route all to use each effectively through Helix including using the Voicelive 3 looper for all with midi sync to Beatbuddy's clock. That said, if you or someone else has already done this please share. Thanks in advance!!!
  8. outputs set to multi instead of digital (where I had it) was the key. Thanks much!!!
  9. When connected to to my iMac via USB and set sound output to Helix to hear iTunes songs out through my Helix headphones, the inputs (guitar and Mic) are off. In other words I only hear the iTunes when I want to be able to play along to the songs and hear both in my headphones. Is this normal/expected? Or can anyone offer me way to achieve playing along and hearing both through my headphones? Thank in advance.
  10. Jakeallen

    Midi Clock Sync!

    Ditto! MIDI clock sync is really the only thing keeping this from being a true "command center." Especially in Live Looping or any performance situation depending on integration with BeatBuddy or other external rhythmic or tempo-sync'd devices. PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE address through Firmware if at all possible. Is it even possible?
  11. bummer. Thought so. Looks like I have to have another looper. Damn!
  12. I'm trying to use a drum machine pedal (BeatBuddy) and do not want add another (looper) pedal to my rig if I don't have to just to maintain my ability to use the looper without going out of sync. Is there any way someone could tell me how to achieve the looping while staying in sync with this external source? Thanks so much!
  13. Thanks Colonel!!! Any chance at all you could post a picture, drawing or screen shot of the way you described the dual tone patch approach you described above? As I said, I'm just easily confused by the signal paths, mixing and processing rules and where to place things. Like the looper - which I'd like to preserve the use of in "post" position. Thx again!
  14. Also - the GR55 stereo outputs are still going into the HD500 FX loop return? Or put them directly into an L2T as well? Wouldn't I be running out of inputs on the one L2T?
  15. @ Rick: Thanks for that picture! You were really close. It's actually GR55 Guitar out --> G-XT IN;((Mixed with MIC IN)) G-XT THRU --> HD500 Guitar IN.
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