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  1. Just finished a gig where i was using my XD-V75 headset system and G30 guitar system. There was a 'pop' that seemed to come from the XD-V75 receiver, but no smoke. PA speakers turned off at this point, so not down to speakers. Will be checking functionality in a bit, but just wondering if anyone might have an idea as to what might have happened? It powers on and there's an input/output still. Strange. At least it's under warranty still!
  2. Thanks for your advice. You've confirmed what we established last night in soundcheck and for our first set, but forgot to do again after the first break in the rush to get a trumpet and sax added to our desk. Will remember the sequence for future gigs. Was really helpful sound checking from the dance floor with my wireless guitar, mic and iPad...
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can offer advice. I've got both my V75 Mic and G30 guitar system running RF1. My friendly bass player used his G10 system and we had a few issues with sound last night (sound cutting out, devices not working) unless we made sure he turned on his G10 last. What RF does the G10 use? Does it auto select the RF based on others being used? I'm aware of making sure devices are all RF1 or RF2, but can't seem to find any information about the G10 system. Any advice appreciated!
  4. Thank you! Yes, I'm based in the UK. I started to have a quick look at mine this morning (after more channels cut out last night) and managed to damage the middle screw head that fixes the lid to the body. I'll not being doing a DIY fix now and hope my local music equipment repairer can resolve for me now...
  5. latest issue is Ch13/Ch14 on my M20d mixer playing up at a gig last night. I think it may be the grounding issue that's very familiar to everyone as the channel started cutting in and out and distorting. I've checked all my upstream kit, but managed to reproduce the fault from last night. Short term I'll be using other channels, but I'll need to get everything looked at...and I'm out of warranty now.
  6. I think I've found the answer. I just need to make sure the XD-V75 system is in RF1 mode (if I don't upgrade the G30 firmware so it can go to RF2). I'll not be running lots of these, so RF1 may be the answer...
  7. Hi. I'm buying a XD-V75 headset system and a V75-HHTX mic (which I will use with the receiver, but not at the same time as the headset of course!). I just wanted to check there are no known issues when using a G30 guitar system at the same time? Any advice appreciated. Thanks, Malc
  8. Hi, I hope someone can help? Just wondered, if I use feedback suppression on vocal channels, is the filtering additive? Here's what I mean: Gig 1 - feedback occurs and frequencies '1' and '2' are cut from vocal channel. Scene saved for Gig 2 (Freqs '1','2' removed) Gig 2 - feedback occurs and frequencies '3' and '4' are cut from vocal channel. Scene saved for Gig 3 (Freqs '1','2,'3','4' removed) Gig 3 - feedback occurs and frequencies '5' and '6' are cut from vocal channel. Scene saved for Gig 4 Freqs '1','2,'3','4', '5', '6' removed) All advice appreciated! Thank you. Malc
  9. Hi. I had this issue for the first time last weekend when trying to recording our gig. I removed files from the SD card on my iMac prior to the gig so that 32GB was available. The recording stopped after a few seconds with an error message along the lines of 'SD card full'. How can I prevent this from happening again? Is it a case of reformatting the SD card before each use? Any advice appreciated. Thank you! Malc
  10. I had a really tricky venue last night, a real tennis court! For those of you that don't know, 'real tennis' is the forerunner of modern tennis and was played in courtyards of the noble folk of the UK (I think!). Anyway, the venue had very high ceilings, hard floor and walls and a reverb that was challenging! What a pleasure it was to sort out an agreeable sound using the M20d, iPad link and wireless G30 guitar link (I'm the singer/guitarist in our band). Still happy with my purchase, despite the odd glitch from time to time!
  11. Hi guys. I thought you might like to see a showcase video created by Steel Threads, a band that played my acoustic showcase last Friday night. They used video footage and audio captured by the M20d to create something that really shows what they can do! Enjoy! (There's a great cover of Motorhead's Ace Of Spades in this video). Thanks. Malc
  12. Thanks for your explanation. I'll have a look at testing the speaker with a digital output from the desk. :)
  13. No, but that shouldn't matter. I don't use the Line 6 link.
  14. I've just had a problem develop in one of my L2T speakers and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on what might be the issue? I've already logged a ticket with Line 6 and I believe I'm covered by a three year warranty, but was just interested to know if anyone has had a similar problem. During the last two events where I've used my LT2 speakers with my M20d I've noticed one of the speakers displaying an intermittent problem: the sound output dropped, became distorted and cut in and out. I've been using the analogue outputs from the desk into the speakers and discounted any issues with earthing/levels from the RH output channel, in fact I took an output from the LH speaker and put it in the RH to check this. I had the luxury of being able to nip home and get my old MSR400 speakers and swapped the faulty L2T for one of these. The sound through the MSR was fine, so an XLR problem seems unlikely. Is there anything in the internal circuitry that might need fixing? For example, a limiter circuit or something like that? I'm extremely happy with the speakers and the desk on the whole.
  15. I'm onto my second M20d desk, and I've been really, really pleased with it. Unfortunately we had an issue on Tuesday night where Channel 1 wasn't behaving itself, the gain was changing all by itself and causing the performers to be a bit 'put off' by the changes. We swapped to Channel 5 after a certain point in the evening, and everything seemed fine with that channel. I'm investigating XLR leads and Channel 1 today. Could there be an issue with this 'grounding switch' if the XLR being used is old and the fit in the socket isn't as tight as a new XLR (for example)?
  16. Thanks. I wasn't exactly sure where the tweeters were. The reason I'm asking is that I've got a sub to top pole that's a bit long and the speaker looks a bit too high. I've ordered a shorter one, based on what you've said, and hope to get the speaker at just the right height!
  17. Just a question for you technical people out there...what is the ideal height to have a pair of L2T's on pole mounts for a gig where people are dancing (standing up rather than sitting) and we're on the floor (not on a stage)? I get a bit nervous when they're too high, but just aware you need to make sure that all the sound's not absorbed by bodies! Thank you!
  18. I've got the official bags for my L2T's and they're definitely worth having. I've recently managed to wheel both into a venue where I was performing, one in each hand!
  19. Is there somewhere that explains the feedback suppression settings on the L2T? I just thought you pressed a button on either channel on the side panel, or the one on the back, and everything was taken care of! Thank you. Malc (P.S. Not really had situation where I've had feedback to content far)
  20. Hi! Just wondering, would the 'Boomy Room' preset be good for a room with hard walls, floor and a high ceiling? I'm thinking of a large sports hall, or a converted stone barn. We've done both of these type of venues as a 3 piece and 5 piece band and had to work really hard to get a good sound. If there's a preset that might give us a better starting point then I'm up for trying it!
  21. In fact, is there a step by step instruction guide as to how to do this with the M20d?
  22. Hi. Just a quick question about this, if that's OK? Are you setting up your PA and monitors, with Feedback Supression set on microphones, and then putting your hand over the mic, moving the mic to create feedback and allowing the M20d to adjust the mic settings? Or is it adjusting the monitors? I'd like to do this with my band, but they get nervous when I tell them to let the ringing continue and let the system adjust to get rid of the feedback... Thank you. Malc
  23. If the main out is peaking, or at least changing from a green flashing bar to orange flashing bar on the M20d screen, would that affect the monitor signal?
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