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  1. All power connectors were secure. We changed a monitor mid-gig to try and cure the problem.
  2. Has anyone else come across the 'Trim Tracking causing the monitors to cut out' idea? I've just got back from playing a wedding and my poor keys player had a nightmare with his monitor cutting out throughout the gig. The other monitors did it too, to a lesser extent. I've checked all my channels and I found that the line out from the bass into the M20d had trim tracking on, and the gain is now very low (can't remember what the gain was at the start of the gig). I also had a mic that I used for speeches on another channel and that had trim tracking on too. I inadvertently left the XLR plugged in after removing the mic. Would this be an issue? I love the idea of the M20d and the sound/simplicity of it, but I need something that doesn't have these quirky issues! I don't use digital cables to connect the speakers, so I've not got the cable falling out of the socket issue...
  3. Will it be a case of changing fan, or is it a more fundamental resonant frequency issue (the mass of the fan and the effective stiffness of its mounting points?) You might have to change the stiffness of the mounts, or change the spacing of the mounts or add mass to the fan to avoid this frequency...
  4. I thought I'd escaped the L2T rattle issue, but we played my EP launch gig on Sunday using the speakers without the M20d mixer. I had vocals/guitar plugged into one and vocals/piano plugged into the other. It was the first time my piano player had used this set-up and he reported a rattle at certain frequencies. I've just tried both of the speakers at home, putting the piano straight into the side mixing panel and taking care to make sure the input signals weren't peaking. With the main volume set to 12 o'clock both of the speakers had a rattle in the back panel when playing E note (165 Hz my guitar tuner says). Hmm. My wife thinks I should get a refund on everything too. Not good enough really!
  5. The router's password dropped out of the box and it took me a while to find it! ;-)
  6. I received my Belkin Router today (£22.50 via eBay), USB to ethernet adaptor earlier in the week, and managed to set everything up successfully within 15 mins. Have set the router to 5GHz as suggest. Looking forward to trying it out at a gig!
  7. Yes, power was on. Just checking to see if anyone knows of any known software glitches...
  8. "I only have one condenser mic so I can't try it out." One is all you need! I've tried one condenser mic in 1-6 and it works. I've tried it in 7-12 and it doesn't. The desk is saying Phantom power is on, but no power is getting through. It's not the issue: Status of the phantom power of channel 7- 12 was not saved with setups on previous firmware version.
  9. Hi. Just wondering if anyone has had this issue before? I had to use phantom power on channels 1-6 and 7-12 last night for the first time. Unfortunately 7-12 didn't work, despite the desk indicating the power was on. Is this a known issue, or something I'll have to have looked at by Line 6? 99% of the time this won't be an issue for me, but it was annoying to have to swap microphones late in our soundcheck to get around the issue. Thanks. Malc
  10. I think I'll give this one ap go then, and buy the Apple adaptor as recommended. Thank you!
  11. Is there a specific version on the Belkin router that I should use? Would this work?
  12. Thanks! I've been doing a bit of reading since posting at I think I know what to do now. I don't have the link cable, just XLR's.
  13. Hi! I hope everyone is having a great 2014 so far? Just a quick question that the pro's may be able to help me with. I'm running a M20d and 2xL2T speakers (and 4 powered Behringer monitors). I've been asked to engineer a gig next month and it was suggested that I'd need a sub speaker to augment the set-up. How would I link a powered sub (non Line 6) to the L2T's? Is it simply a case of linking with XLR speaker cables in the appropriate way (into the sub then out to the speakers)? Any advice appreciated. Thank you. Malc
  14. Hi, Just wondering if you can use an iPad Mini for wireless mixing? Has anyone had any experience of using a mini? Any issues (smaller screen making things hard to use)? Thanks! Malc
  15. Yes, I used mine outdoors at Warwick Races in the UK last week. It was a warm, sunny day and even under a gazebo I found the screen a little difficult to use due to outdoor light levels! The sound I ended up with was great and we had lots of fantastic feedback from the racegoers too :-) Malc
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