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  1. The loss of audio signal to the Stagescape speakers seems to be a problem with the Stagescape M20d mixers Line 6 has never really adequately addressed. This seems to be happening more often lately. I tried changing from Line6 Link for the outputs to the main XLR outputs, but, that didn't make a difference. I'm assuming the issue is internal to the mixer, which is what's been suggested previously in this thread. I also experienced issues with the M2 StageSource speakers similar to what was stated previously - sound only coming out of tweeters - , but, I was able to send those back to the retail dealer. Again, I'm assuming it was more of a mixer issue and not really the speakers. I understand this was one of the 1st digital mixers with this type of usability that was on the market. However, I'm one of the unlucky early buyers who paid alot for this mixer. Fortunately, I'm not gigging these days, so, it's just in my home studio. I am thinking it may be time to move on from Line 6 Stagescape to a more current digital mixer offering that is more stable. I know I'll lose the Line 6 Link capabilities, but, I'll just have to accpet that. The overall concept was good however, that got lost in the reliability of the implementation. To be honest, I'm surprised these mixers are still being sold since there really hasn't been much in the way of solid support/updates for a few years now that address some of these underlying issues. I guess Yamaha isn't that interested in supporting this segment of the Line 6 community. I wish you all the best of luck!
  2. Don, Appreciate the advice. However, since you had indicated that the 1st time I brought this up, I have been using velcro to hold the jacks in place (as someone else suggested). But, I will check to see if the actual speaker jack is loose. I'm still wondering if there's a limiter kicking in somewhere in the speaker chain, but, you didn't think that was the issue before either. I've also got a back up set of cables that I can try. We'll see if it returns. These intermittent issues are certainly frustrating in an otherwise awesome system.
  3. We've been using the Line 6 cables ever since we purchased the system. No problems for the 1st year. However, within the last couple of months we're starting to have intermittent problems with static and then the speakers cutting in and out. This usually happens during a session where the speakers have been on for 2-3 hours. I've tried re-plugging the cables into the speakers or into the M20d. Sometimes that takes care of it for a bit, but, then it seems to return. This is definitely Link related as I run a pair of studio monitors out of the mains and there's no static or intermittent cutting out with the main signal. Overall, the system has only been used a half dozen times or so for gigging. Most of the time, it's set up in my furnished basement and used for rehearsals. I also cover the cable with a channel protector so that it does not get stepped on inadvertently. I'm about to just forgo the whole digital link and go directly out of the mains just to avoid this happening during practices/gigs. Very frustrating...
  4. Well, the system worked great at the benefit we did last Friday evening. The speakers didn't cut out once and we received several compliments on the quality of our sound mix. Hopefully, with both speakers now on the most recent firmware update and being really careful with regards to the L6 connections we won't have a problem with them cutting out again. Thanks again for the helpful suggestions. I wish making sure that all of my neural connections are functioning properly was as easy to accomplish :)
  5. The L3t is v1.05, but the L3m is v 1.03 so I'll need to upgrade the L3m. Hopefully tonight. The Link chain is always m20d to L3t to L3m and I'm running mono (L+R for each with no auto-assign).
  6. Sorry, that should have been a Furman M-8Dx (only difference is the digital voltage readout).
  7. Unfortunately, I tried cycling the speakers and checking the connections there (plugging/unplugging cables as well), but, that did not correct the problem. Last evening, I had no problem with the system. We've also had no problems with the system while gigging yet - but, we only play out about once a month currently. I'm beginning to wonder if this isn't power-related since it's occurred twice recently when the full band's been there to practice - 2 electric guitarists with small, studio amps (mic'd); drummer with Roland e-drums (stereo DI); bassist with sans-amp DI; cellist with microphone (DI'd); lead vocalist with TC Helicon DI'd; Motif keyboard (stereo DI); acoustic/electric guitarist with a Vox tonelab (DI'd). Oh, plus the M20d, 1 L3t, 1L3m, 2 Event studio monitors and a QSC power amp for unpowered monitors. I use a Furman M-8Lx "power conditioner" for the M20d, Motif, QSC power amp and ART rack mounted headphone amp (6 outs). The L3 speakers are plugged into separate wall sockets. The hard part for me is that this has been the same way we've practiced for about a year with no problems and I have had this happen a couple of times when I was practicing with the system and just the Motif and tonelab ex plugged in.
  8. Based on the power demands of the Stagescape system, does Line 6 have a recommended power conditioner/UPS for a band that's doing mostly charity gigs for the local community? In other words, something reasonably priced?
  9. I started having this same issue about 3 weeks ago, where the speaker cuts in and out. When it does, the link icon on the M20d flashes yellow and the digital number on the speaker flashes off and on. I have tried checking all of the connections multiple times, turning the M20d off and on and plugging/unplugging the Link cable at the mixer all to no avail. Then, 2 weeks ago, the system worked fine for an entire 3h practice session. Unfortunately, this week the issue returned and so I just turned off the L3's and went with the studio monitors that I have hooked up to get through the practice session. We have another benefit gig coming up in 2 weeks which makes me very nervous. I do have another set of Line 6 digital cables, so, I will try them, but, the system is not that old and has certainly not been abused by any means to be having these type of problems. I've already had the M20d replaced 1 time for other issues. I love the system when it's working properly, but, these type of issues indicates that it lacks the robustness expected of a live sound system at this time.
  10. Appreciate the posts. With all of the positive reviews out there, I am hoping that it just turned out to be 2 faulty speakers. I was hoping someone may have run into similar issues and had found a fix: an incorrect setting in the M20d, or firmware upgrade or DSP issue or something. And yes, I would like to try some L2m's that actually perform well before giving up on the idea of being able to utilize the Link 6 system for mains and monitors. I did stop at one retailer recently, but, rather than hook up an L2m vs another manufacturer's speaker to a Motif so that I could A/B them, the salesperson would not hook up the L2m, simply saying they were intended for guitars.
  11. Any thoughts/comments/suggestions? The latest Line 6 ad indicates that these speakers are being used for studio monitors. What I was hearing from the L2m's just doesn't jive with that type of utility.
  12. Sorry, I should have indicated that I returned the speakers to the retailer, not the manufacturer.
  13. I have an M20d with an L3t and L3m as mains. I (and the rest of the band) have really enjoyed the sound quality of this system. I decided to purchase 2 L2m's for monitors. However, the sound quality was not at all what I expected so, I returned them to the manufacturer. I mainly play keyboards in this band and was surprised at the sound produced by the speakers when I played the Motif ES acoustic piano and electric piano (rhodes model) patches. I'm wondering if there was just something wrong with these particular speakers as I can't find anything on the internet regarding issues with the speakers when used with keyboards. Of course, I did experience the "rattle" when playing E2 in the bass, but, Line 6 is already addressing that issue. The links to the acoustic piano and electric piano patches played through the L3's vs the L2's are below. Any thoughts as to what the problem is? I tried the PA/Ref, monitor and keyboard DSP settings using the L6 link system with Line 6 digital cables. I also tried using an XLR from the main outs on the M20d. I also tried tweaking the monitor eq settings. I also tried just plugging the Motif directly into the L2m's. Basically, I could not achieve a sound that could be used for monitoring our band in a live setting. Anyone else have similar issues with keyboards, or, was I just unfortunate with these particular speakers?? Unfortunately, I didn't have time to do a quality recording, but, I've provided the links below to some short recordings made with my iPhone 5 and uploaded to soundcloud. You can tell which speaker is used by the filename. https://soundcloud.com/mncanuck/5-13-14-l3t-m-motif-rhd-1/s-dyEVT https://soundcloud.com/mncanuck/5-13-14-l2m-motif-rhd-1/s-rGX31 https://soundcloud.com/mncanuck/5-13-14-l3t-m-motif-acpiano-1/s-FMV0v https://soundcloud.com/mncanuck/5-13-14-l2m-motif-acpiano-1/s-QBbUs
  14. I hate to "pile on" with regards to the L2M, but, I just sent 2 back to the retailer. I have an M20d with an L3t and L3m for mains and I am extremely happy with the sound quality for our band, keyboards alone or electric/acoustic guitar and vocals. I was hoping to continue to take advantage of the L6 link system, so, I purchased 2 L2m's to be used as monitors. Unfortunately, I was extremely disappointed in the quality of sound compared to the L3's, especially for keyboards. The acoustic piano and electric piano (rhodes and wurlitzer) sounded very "tinny" on the upper register and muddy in the lower register - with the obligatory rattle when playing E2 in the bass. The upper register sound was so poor that it actually hurt to listen to the keyboard - even in our band mix. The sound of the electric pianos was extremely "clipped" such that half the time, I was only able to hear the percussive sound and not the actual note at all. I tried various eq settings using the monitor tweak in the M20d as well as on the back of the L2m (PA/reference, monitor and keyboard) but the sound did not improve - the eq definitely changed with the different settings - just not resulting in a better sound. I also plugged them into the main outs on the M20d using an XLR cable but that didn't help either. I was really surprised as even my 10 year-old Event true reference monitors with a 6" speaker and tweeter, which were much cheaper than the L2m's, provided higher quality sound. I recorded an A/B comparison between the L3t/m and L2m's, but, only had time to do this quickly with my iPhone 5 w/ the Yamaha recording app, so, the quality isn't the best. Having to return the L2m's (and renew my search for powered monitors) as well as seeing the M20d advertised for less than half of the price that I paid for it just last year definitely provided for a downer of a weekend. But, overall, I still appreciate the versatility of this system.
  15. With the updated v1.2 of M20d StageScape firmware, v1.2 app and iOS7, can you run the v1.2 app in the background and toggle between it and other music apps?
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