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    Helix Native

    Seriously?? I think most that have been around the Helix and Helix Native forums would tend to think PeterHamm IS the epitome of not lazy. IMHO needing the GUI to have fancy graphics could be interpreted as amateurish. That being said maybe Line6 could eventually have more than one GUI mode. Perhaps a "graphic mode" to appease those that like shiny objects and the current "workflow mode" for professionals that need to get stuff done and don't want to click thru a bunch of bells and whistles. But yeah, I suppose a killer pic of an amp would make it sound better and perhaps help justify the price tag? Just my opinion.
  2. Hyrule

    Hardware discount for Native owners?

    Not at this time.
  3. Hyrule

    Zero Latency with Helix Native.

    Maybe the "clean tones" have some DSP intensive reverb and/or IR's
  4. Hyrule

    Helix LT / Native cost sucks

    Seriously?? The majority of Helix hardware owners purchased their gear prior to any announcement of of a plug-in. On the contrary, IIRC Helix Native and it's pricing was announced before the official release of Helix LT? Did you purchase an LT assuming you would get Native @ $99? Didn't think so, but I could be wrong. Boo MF'ing who...