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  1. hmm, thanks. that would be nice to have by I'm good so far with just the USB! in any case the x3 bean does not have any kind of MIDI compatibility so I shouldn't even think about it if I want that in the future, right? so I got a USB cable and had absolutely no trouble using POD as a soundcard and doing exactly what I wanted to do before, thank you all very much! btw: is there a list of what the amps/mods and on the POD X3 are based on? Searched through the Advanced Guide, since the advanced guide in Pocket Pod includes the list so i figured that would be the same with the X3, but there's nothing there, and here the closest I found is this: http://line6.com/support/docs/DOC-4602 but this is only a list of the models in X3 with their own names, nothing about their "inspiration" thanks!
  2. Thank you both very much. I was actually assuming using MIDI was the best way to control the POD, but if I can simply use USB and use POD as a soundcard that way, what would MIDI do for me? I'm not sure i understand what is the purpose of MIDI anyway. Via USB I can also use GarageBand or any other software to record eventually, right? I don't have a USB cable right now but i'll buy one and post here later when I can. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone. I got a POD X3 bean and a M-Audio UNO MIDI-USB interface and i'd like to connect them to my computer (which is a Mac). However, as far as I'm concerned, the X3 bean does not have a MIDI output/input (which is kind of odd since the lower-end POD 2.0 does) and I'm trouble here.. What I want to do is very simple: just use my headphones to listen to what i'm playing in my guitar through the POD and to music playing from my computer at the same time. If I connect my headphone to the headphone jack in my POD and connect the POD to my Mac directly via USB, I can use the POD as my soundcard, right? So any sounds coming from the computer would be played through the POD to my headphones in the same way my guitar playing would, right? Most of the time I'm just playing along songs I have here, and if i can just play something on iTunes and hear it on the same headphone I'm using with my POD that would be great, it would solve most of my problems. With this can I also record stuff (simple stuff, just using GarageBand or whatever...)? And I'd also like to know if there is any way around this MIDI problem with the X3.. I figured the MIDI would be a good way to control the POD via computer. Using direct USB connection, I cannot control the pod using the computer, right? Bummer... Is there anything I can do to this? Thanks!
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