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  1. I played my guitar for months before having it set up by this guy, It was super cheap and when he was done it played like a dream, he showed me how nice the strings ring while the guitar is unplgged and he said that is because the bridge is now properly set up and needs to "float" . ok, all greak to me I don't care this thing is so nice and the sustain is like FOREVER! So I just want to make sure all of the above is not affected when a make "whatever" I choose Mod for the palm problem I have. I never said the modelling would be different just the nice clean natural guitar sounds I get. I know the modeling is done in the bridge pickup. I think the Tremel-No is worth a try. Thanks, guys, I have seen Chappers block video, kinda rad for me
  2. I will look into the Teme!-No, I asked my set up guy if I could lock it, (I don't use a trem) and he told me no, the bridge has to float to get my nice sounds I get. Not sure what to think about his remark. will the Teme!-No change the sound?
  3. My palm hits the bridge on my JTV69 while I play, is there a cover I can install? I love my JTV69 but that super cool floating bridge goes sharp sometimes when I play, my hands are big, I am wondering if anyone else has that problem and if they ever thought about putting a cover to rest their palm while they play.
  4. I stand by my words, don't care what anyone else thinks LOL haven't gone crazy I think the 500x is a high end piece I guess it depends on the ability one has to understand the product. That to me is the laughable part.
  5. One major thing I have to say about the HD500x is "Learning Curve" Seriously this thing is DEEP! I had a really hard time dealing with the 500X until I discovered "pedalboard mode" this mode turns the 500X into something i can understand, you get a "normal" pedal board to use adding all the effects and you can also keep the same foot switch numbers for similar effects when you make your own tones. I have a couple of things for you that might help you enjoy the 500x 1. Get over the power switch or devise a work around, (this was difficult for me I can't wrap my head around not having an on and off switch!) I sometimes put my finger near the power plug and imagine I am turning it off????? 2. Stop spending money and spend time building your own tones, (READ THE MANUAL!) keep in mind you can put in the effects you desire, this thing has them, the sounds you can create with this are almost endless, you have to start building your own tones to really get to know your way around. Use the Edit software and drag and drop, it takes a while for the L6 "language" to sink in but once it does you will have no problem. 3. Watch all the youtube videos you can, and read as much of this forum you can also, there are some "Genius" caliber folks on here you would never normally have access to.They are always willing to help you out of a jam. 4. Keep in mind if you are trying to accomplish something with the 500x and can't quite seem to pull it off it is YOU not the board LOL keep digging, searching, asking and dig some more until you "get it" some examples are setting up an extra expression pedal for volume and wah, Global EQ, and my favorite, Variax "forced" settings I LOVE these, I play in a Praise band/orchestra and my leader likes to jump from one song to the next almost instantly and it is nice to have a failsafe for my tunings/tones/guitar settings all wrapped into a push of a button for an intro I am required to do. 5. No matter what anyone tells you the 500X is a high end piece, the better the PA system you play through the better you will sound! My friend just told me yesterday he saw Kelly Clarkson's guitar player was using the 500X and 2 L2's for monitors on stage. My point to this is if the big guys use it it must be good. I have a Lincoln Breuster tone I use very week I can't imagine living without. 6. Use a PA to get your tones down, they will sound better when you play out than if you use an amp, (unless you haul that same amp every gig an mike it) 7. Did I mention the power switch? Oh yeah Enjoy! and welcome to the forum Here is a power foot switch you can try, http://www.amazon.com/Linemaster-T-91-SC3A-Treadlite-Electrical-Momentary/dp/B005GRDZO0/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1395053762&sr=8-6&keywords=power+foot+switch
  6. I think wireless VDI is the future, a sort of "seeing around the corner" technology that could have surprizingly many uses. I believe it is desired more than Line 6 realizes.
  7. Thanks for the replies, sure would be nice to have my variax set up go wireless but I guess electronically that would be a tall order. But hey, you never know maybe they can hit one out of the park next time. Maybe the next variax and pod will have bluetooth and talk to each other that way, (guess I am dreaming with my keyboard again)
  8. I saw line 6 is coming out with a new wireless device, will this work with my JTV69 and Pod HD 500x? I can't find much info on it.
  9. The question will modeling replace analog for me is a resounding YES! I have a unique perspective on this subject I would like to share, however, I am afraid this will turn into quite a tall read so hang on. 30 years ago I started out playing electric, late 60's Tele with a center pickup added, Fender twin reverb amp with JBL speakers, and half dozen pedals, I remember having a jolly good time managing buzzing, hissing unpredictable volume changes and the sheer enjoyment of lugging around sensitive HEAVY pieces that were completely reliant on a few glowing tubes was more than a little rough! But the few "tones" I had sounded OH SO GOOD! However, managing sound back then seemed like something that would never happen (at least at the level of venues I was involved with) which ultimately had a lot to do with me backing away from playing anywhere but the basement or jamming with friends. I fully understand what some posters refer to a "feel" with their analog rig but I want to fast forward to my current situation, not a smokey bar or wedding, not a small venue with borrowed PA equipment like the old days, I play in a church praise band, a hybrid band/orchestra with trumpets, violins, electric piano, keyboards, tuba and more, base, rhythm player and me doing leads . This is one of those HUGE churches with a full stage, lights everywhere and a sound system to die for, we use avioms for monitors for the rotating 6 front singers and the base, digital drums me etc, the brass section has some type of overhead monitor system that rains sound down on them and the choir background singers from above. Surprisingly (and much to my delight) these people are all about hearing the lead guitar, I am surprised how loud they have me out in the "house" and in the overheads for the brass to hear, although the horns are just so naturally loud they don't need miked or anything just the violins and recorder. This brings me to the modeling solution, now keep in mind I have only been playing at this location for 3 months, before this I had been playing in a handful of smaller churches. I had my Hd500x and JTV 69 (and sometimes I use a Tele modern player HSS) all plugged straight into the boards of all the different locations at various times. Although I always thought (and many people around) the smaller churches with respectable sound systems in their own right my pod system sounded pretty good. But OH WOW does my set up sound good through the high end sound system I am currently playing through, I am telling you the difference was literally stunning! Playing with all the sounds, acoustic, banjo, strat, tele, Les Paul, etc is just a thrill! The rich clean sounds I get are just unreal, and all at the push of a footswitch, mixing all the effects and set lists and being able to SAVE them, share them and tweak them from week to week is of value beyond measure. Not to mention, my whole rig is carried in with 2 hands, one trip from the car. I honestly don't know how long I will be playing with these folks, they are fabulous people and treat me very well but we play 2 services on Sunday and I must say it is a lot of work, we also rehearse Thurs for an hour and Sunday am before the first device. But my biggest point to all this rambling is my accidental discovery of how well the line 6 modeling rig sounds through a high end venue. One of my favorite distortion lead tones is one I got from the Lincoln Brewster site he mixed up and shares with everyone. Man does it sound good! If you ad in the convienience of the pedal board mode and light weight of it I think Line 6 has hit a home run on modeling period. I am hooked and could not easily go back.
  10. I play live also with my HD 500x and I use a JTV 69 Variax. I was a little skeptical about leaving my (modified) Tele at home and using a guitar that plugs into my pedalboard with an ethernet cable! But the variax has become my main guitar, I use as many different pickup, tone, modeling sounds that I can think of. I play in a Praise Band/Orchestra, we have trumpets, violins, clarinets, tuba 2 keyboards and much more. I commonly use the banjo setting, acoustic 6 and 12 string settings, killer clean strat and tele sounds, and since our band is considered a hybrid band, I use Lincoln Brewster patches for some crazy distortion leads. I even brought my tele once and hooked it up to the pod at the same time as the Variax. But I have such great fender sounds mixed up I no longer feel the need. I have become so adicted to having a diferent sound for each song I can't imagine being without the Jtv 69. I am the guy in the room who would have told everyone I would NEVER be using a modeling guitar and ONE pedal! But I have grown to LOVE how the JTV 69 feels in my hands, because I spent the cash on it I forced myself to get used to it and I feel it has made me a much better player. If you ever get the chance, grab the "other" piece of the puzzle and treat yourself to a whole new world. just saying
  11. Hi Gear Head, I would love to try your acoustic patch, would you share it with us?
  12. On my Mac, I go into my monitor settings and lower the resolution on my Macbook Pro so the Edit window goes full screen, I just change it back when I am done on the Variax and Pod. Maybe Windows has the same type of settings.
  13. I got my JTV-69 from Sweetwater and it did not have the firmware upgrade, however, upgrading it seemed pretty easy and really didn't take very long, I first tried it a couple times with the interface module they gave me with the guitar and it wouldn't work so I did it while connected to the Pod HD 500x. Then I later found out I needed to plug a 1/4 inch cable into the guitar to "turn it on" LOL! Now I read everything I can on the systems so I can set it all up better. As a side note I tried to update my Line 6 spider IV straight through the computer with Monkey and it wouldn't take so I downloaded the update to my hard drive and it went right in, they kept telling me I had to register but I clearly had it registered. I am really enjoying the set up and plan to get an L2 speaker to run it all through so i can have cleaner acoustic sounds. I should ad I got the Variax 2 weeks ago, a red one.
  14. I think these are the tuners http://www.ebay.com/bhp/jinho-tuners
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