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  1. I bought one today and it was faulty straight out of the box. Both the transmitter and the base unit was flashing red when trying to recharge. No light at all on transmitter when plugged in, to any guitar. Rushed back to music store and changed to another unit, which behaves like it is supposed to do (at least while charging, have not plugged it in to a guitar yet). After some trouble with HD500 footswitches and not fully functional switches on a JTV-59, I wonder if this is the last Line6 product I dare to buy. :unsure:
  2. Uppdated to 2.21 without problems. :) Didn't notice any differences at all. I did not replace the existing patches during the update. :wub:
  3. I bought the used HD500 and the guy unregistered it while I was there testing it. No problem re-register in my name and no problem updating firmware and transfer patches from my old Pod. All is good exept the View button sometimes get stuck in the pressed down position. It snaps back when turning the bank selector knob. Never seen that one before.
  4. Thanks. I will go and look at one next week. I'll try to rember to ask the guy if it is registered. :)
  5. Hi! I might buy a used HD500 to use as a backup (I already have a HD500). But what about product registration? If it is registered already on the previous owner, can I re-register it to my account? Do I need to register in order to get software updates?
  6. Confirming that my HD500 reboots whenever a RJ45 Cable (tried a few different) is connected to the Variax input during power on. Sometimes it just reboots by itself, other times I need to hit a footswitch first. At least the HD500 is stable after the reboot. But I'm not happy.
  7. Today I found out that every time the HD500 is powered on with the VDI Cable connected it will freeze for a few seconds and then reboot once when I use any footswitch. :angry: After the reboot everthing seems to work as intended. Power on without the VDI Cable - no problems. chuskey seemed to have this happen too. I will try with other cat 5 Cable tomorrow.
  8. Ok, no need to panic,then. Thanks!
  9. Thanks for the tip chuskey I will take a cat 5 with me and use if the HD500 starts to act up again. Today I practised with the band for Three hours using the Variax and VDI Cable. Nothing bad happened. The only thing I changed was to set input 1 to Variax and input 2 to guitar. I had it the other way around when the unit rebooted, but I don't think it matters at all. By the way, the HD500 built-in tuner will only recognise the Variax if it is routed to input 1. No signal if Variax is on input 2 only. Is this normal?
  10. I never had a problem with my HD500 until I got a JTV-59 last week. Now it has rebooted twice. Just rebooted, not looped. At both occasions the VDI Cable was plugged in. The first time happened right after using the tuner (which were very slow and unresponsive at the time). The second reboot happened today. The VDI-Cable was connected to the HD500 but not to the Variax. I was using the guitar input and Workbench HD on the computer. A patch change on the HD500 made it reboot. So, I'm thinking that maybe the PS is too weak to handle the VDI Cable? As noted, everything works fine if VDI Cable is not plugged in.
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