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  1. The line 6 folks have responded to my ticket and have now acknowledged this is a bug and will be fixed in the next release.
  2. Tried all of those things. It completes the update successfully and then fails
  3. I have both a Helix Floor and a Helix Rack. 2.5 was seamless on the floor unit however the Helix Rack not so much. My helix control stops working. After a 30 second delay it comes back and as soon I start changing banks it acts up again. I am at a complete loss. Have not had any issues prior to 2.5. It’s now unusable. It’s just a month old. I’ve tried everything. Different cables etc. Still happens. This is my gig rig! Update - this is somehow tied to my Mission expression pedal being plugged in. As soon as I unplug it the problem seems to goes away? Even wierder.....if the expression pedal is plugged in and it freezes if I use the expression pedal it starts to work again. Maybe a hardware failure as I rolled it back to 2.30 and I still have the problem. A bit weird that it started with the update though. Help????
  4. biggs

    Helix 2.21

    Mine has done it a couple times as well.....
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